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Letter to the Editor: Keep the Car Parade

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Sunnyside Gardens

Dear Editor,

Having just navigated in the HHS Class of 2023 Car Parade and experiencing such pride (Congrats Marisa and all the class of 2023!), I felt obligated to raise my voice in favor of keeping this wonderful event in perpetuity.

The sheer amount of joy and pride by all those involved in the parade as well as the hundreds of people lining the streets was simply amazing. The parade demonstrated support not only the for the graduating seniors but for the Hopkinton Community as a whole.

In the current climate where this is division and animosity on nearly everything, this one single event brings everyone in the community together to share pride and joy for the town of Hopkinton. I cannot understand any justification that this one-hour event should be discontinued, as it is slated to be. Sure, there is some disruption in traffic but there are plenty of other events in town that disrupt traffic even more. And there are plenty of other events (political, social, etc.) in town that also disrupt traffic but can have unintended consequences of division, protest, and even hate in some cases.

This event truly brings everyone together. If you feel the same, I ask you to let your voice be heard as well. Keep the car parade!


Chris Alicandro, South Mill St.

20th Century Homes
Sunnyside Gardens

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  1. I so agree, Chris. So much fun – a celebration accessible to all! I loved it again this year!

    Future classes should be encouraged to request a parade permit for future senior parades (everyone is entitled to apy for a parade permit at any time) and work with public safety to increase the liklihood of success and ensure safest possible event.

    Congrats to the Class of 2023!

  2. We’ll said! Couldn’t agree more. Anything that brings the town together should keep continuing year after year. This is such a fun event for all the graduating seniors and family/friends cheering them on.

  3. I echo Chris here. My young kids enjoyed this event. Some of the cars were even tossing out candy! Great to see all the excitement and pride the seniors had waving their respective college flags. I recall the curmudgeons on the select board speaking to the disruption the parade causes but I think the change in the route this year was perfect. Here’s to keeping it going!

  4. Well said, couldn’t agree more! Any tradition new or old that brings the town together should keep recurring every year.

  5. Congratulations to the class of 2023!! Our graduate, like her brother before her, loved it!
    Thank you Chris, and Muriel for showing public support. This is my 4th year participating and the emotion and joy was electric and palpable.
    I was at the meeting when the Select Board passed this and the nuance was exactly as Chris stated. “Why wouldn’t we keep this tradition?” Some SB in fact couldn’t understand why we wouldn’t have it and others wanted changes made. Which in fact made this event even better. Huge Kudos to Marie Boyle for her outstanding leadership and spearheading this effort.
    To class officers for following up, hearing what the student body and community wanted.
    There was overwhelming support by all in attendance, and the community came out to help make this happen.
    We must remember and respect our 3 Cs initiative, brought to reality by the HS school council where we want to embody these descriptors with our students and residents. Communication, Culture & Community.
    The Grand March is gone a beautiful community tradition, missed by many.
    The parade is here and a wonderful new tradition to connect our youth and community members for years to come. Bravo Hopkinton!!
    Go Hillers

  6. 100% agree. I’ve attended in years past and enjoyed it, and was lucky enough to drive my son this year. It’s a fantastic community event and as participant, it was awesome to see the wide range of Hopkinton folks, young and old, cheering for this year’s graduates. The suggestion that the parade is an inconvenience, a hassle, or costs too much is ridiculous. These are exactly the type of community of events we need having more of, not less.

  7. We need more community events that celebrate our young people, not less. Very hopeful that the Select Board will take note of how respectful the student and adult organizers were this year managing to address all of the concerns brought forth during public comment. This tradition brings the community together and should be supported by our town for years to come. Thank you to all who showed their love for the class of 23 – what a great day!!!

  8. I too agree that the parade should continue. The students graduating deserve to know that the residents in the town are proud of them and support their future endeavors, whatever they may be. Such an amazing and unifying event.

  9. I was on the Common with my granddaughter(HHS Class of 2040)😂and was so moved by the amount of sheer joy as each car drove by, beeping, smiling, graduates waving at the crowd. I welled up with tears! What a fun celebration for families!!

  10. 100%. I love and participate in the parade with and without a graduate. This year while decorating the route a Senior resident pulled over to ask me if the graduates were doing a drive by and then was going back home to go cheer. I met a new neighbor who was thrilled to be ‘on the route’. This wonderful newer tradition grows our community culture and is badly needed. We as a town should be celebrating our graduates. The Parade is a gift for Hopkinton! We would be crazy not to keep it going.

  11. As we leave Hopkinton to move back to Ireland, I have to say the parade was a high point of our time here and a great way to send off Katie and the rest of the seniors from the Class of 2023. To see the town out to celebrate the kids was fabulous and showed a great sense of community. This parade should be in perpetuity.


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