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Letter to SB: What Would Lincoln Do?

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Dear Select Board, Muriel Kramer, Chairperson:

Dr. David Smailes of Framingham State University gave the first of his four lectures, entitled ‘Politics of a Divided America‘, at the Hopkinton Public Library yesterday. I wish all the protagonists in this most unfortunate affair had been present. The ‘main character’ in this talk (besides that of the US) was Abraham Lincoln. A phrase caught my ear to the point that I wrote it down.

to preserve the constitution sometimes one has to ignore the law

This was, in essence, Dr. Smailes’ way of introducing the concept of Lincoln’s actual words and opinions, as expressed in his 1864 letter to Albert Hodges:

I felt that measures, otherwise unconstitutional, might become lawful, by becoming indispensable to the preservation of the constitution, through the preservation of the nation.

When faced with a similar dilemma, Timothy Brennan chose to walk in the same shoes as Abraham Lincoln. You, too, should put on Tim’s shoes, face his walk, and consider the choice you would have made.

Lincoln made his choice. Tim Brennan made that same choice. Now it is your turn to fill their shoes and make their choice.

Ed Harrow

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