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Hopkinton Police Incident Log for November 28, 2023

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Several deer strikes and many lost pets making the most of their newfound freedom. In human news, a suspicious guy in all camo (probably trying to blend in?), a couple of scams, and some vehicular mishaps. Finally, a sprinkle of good old identity and credit card theft just to keep the pot stirring. What a rollercoaster!


  • On November 23, Luiz Antonio Rodrigues De Almeida was arrested on charges of:
    • Unlicensed operation of motor vehicle
    • Procession of drugs

November 20

  • Caller is concerned workers in the area do not have permits. The caller was advised to speak with building inspector.
  • On an open call to 911, there was noise of two men fighting in the background. One of the men expressed that it was an altercation involving a vehicle.
  • Walk-in wished to change a ticket they received. They were advised to go through the court.
  • Officer LaTour assisted a report of identity theft.
  • Neighbor reports dogs barking on Mt. Auburn. She tried contacting the owner to bring them in, but the owner did not respond.
  • Woman reported a deer ran into the side of her car while on Route 135. She called animal control.

November 21

  • Officer McKeon responded to a report of a suspicious vehicle on West Main St. The car had trash outside of it and was taking up multiple parking spots. The individual in the car was ok, just waiting on a tow.
  • Caller reported a suspicious looking man dressed in all camo. It seemed like he was going hunting.
  • Walk-in sought advice on how to prove he was in good standing after being arrested in 2008.
  • Caller reported seeing two young kids breaking a latch to get into an abandoned vehicle.
  • Man reported he met someone on an online dating site and the individual stole his phone.

November 22

  • Woman called reporting her parrot went missing. She requested that the department let her know if they get any reports of the parrot.
  • Walk-in reports credit card fraud.
  • Caller reported she hit a deer. Animal control was informed of the deceased deer by a mailbox on Pond St.

November 23

  • Man came to the department reporting car trouble. He got off at the Hopkinton exit and will be leaving the car in the HPD parking lot to have it towed while his mom comes and picks him up.
  • Officer DeBoer assisted a report of a man and woman taking packages and loading them into a red car.

November 24

  • 911 call reported a motor vehicle accident on Hayden Rowe. No injuries were endured.
  • Woman reported her red colored labrador went missing. The dog was eventually found.
  • Officer Grimley assisted someone stuck in an elevator.

November 25

  • Caller reported a car hit a deer on West Main St. The vehicle pulled up after and refused medical assistance.
  • Woman reports a scam call from the number of the Hopkinton Police Department.
  • Walk in dropped a wallet that was left at Bill’s Pizza.
  • Woman called reporting a vehicle following all the way from Wellesley. She was planning to pull into the HPD parking lot when the car turned onto Pleasant and she stayed straight. When asked if she felt comfortable she said she was fine. It was too dark to get a description of the car.

November 27

  • Caller reports a deceased deer at the end of her driveway off to the side with coyotes lingering around. Animal control was notified and will be responding. Deer was removed.
  • 911 caller reported a loose black dog on Briarcliff Dr. Animal control took the dog to Baypath.
  • Officer Santoro checked on party who fell off their bike. They declined medical assistance.
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