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Hopkinton Police Incident Log for May 28, 2024

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This week was full of reports of confused people, speeding jet skis, and reckless driving.

May 20

  • Walk-in requested help to get a property damage report.
  • Officers McNeil and Normandin speak to three drivers after they were reported for driving erratically on Hayden Rowe St. They were participating in Senior Assassin.
  • Store manager reported a man shoplifted $500 worth of goods from his store.
  • Animal control was advised of a raccoon that was hit by a car on Hayden Rowe St. It was still moving.

May 21

  • Caller reported he helped a disabled vehicle out of the road on Cedar St and will call assistance.
  • Walk-in reported a stolen package from his property.
  • Caller reported a large white truck took down a wire of Hayden Rowe St. Units assisted and removed the wire from the roadway.
  • Officer Walker spoke with Legacy Farms residents regarding an on going speeding compliant.
  • Milford requested the ID of an operator as their vehicle as they was involved in a hit and run.

May 22

  • Animal control was contacted about a dead baby deer in the middle of Cedar St.
  • Officers tried reaching the owner of a vehicle that was parked outside a man’s house on Wayside Dr for two hours unoccupied. They did not get an answer but asked the owner to call the station.

May 23

  • Officer Ziniti took a crash report for an accident that occurred on Hayden Rowe St. There were no injuries.
  • DPW reported a roadway trailer sign was vandalized overnight.
  • Walk-in field investigator spoke with an officer regarding an incident from a few months ago.
  • Officer Buentello spoke with someone who reported identity theft.
  • Walk-in reported suspicious vehicle activity on Main St. Officer Saletnik spoke with parties involved.
  • Caller reported seeing an individual trespassing on their property on Winter St. Officers spoke with involved parties and turned out the individual was confused and just out for a run.

May 24

  • Caller reported a dog issue that occurred at the State park.
  • A school bus got stuck on Main St due to parked vehicles.
  • Caller reported a reckless jet ski driver. Officer Normandin spoke with the involved parties.
  • Walk-in turned in an iPad they found.
  • Officer Saletnik responded to a report of an animal in distress on Benson Rd.

May 25

  • Caller reported a TT unit blocking West Main St. Unit was on their way.
  • Officers Saletnik and Walker assisted a vehicle to Shell to put air in the tires.
  • Officer Ekross responded to a report of three jet skis causing a noise disturbance. Upon arrival, Ekross determined the drivers were acting responsibly.
  • Woman reported a young driver of a silver sedan that was driving in the opposite lane on Hayden Rowe St. when they threw something at her. The driver looked to be around 18.

May 26

  • Caller reported hearing a car crash on Hayden Rowe St. One man was trapped in his vehicle when officers arrived. A party on the open line was breathing heavy. Three people were transported to UMass Hospital.
  • 911 caller reported a woman on his front lawn on Hazel Rd that seemed confused.
  • Caller reported they’ve been trying to reach their cousin and is concerned. Officers contacted the cousin who said they did not wish to speak with her and only wanted money. The caller was advised of the situation.
  • Multiple reports came in regarding a person sleeping on a bench on Main St and was then walking on Cedar St.
  • A group home resident ran off and was found behind Angel’s Garden Shop.
  • Caller reported they were locked in the State park. A worker unlocked the gate before officers arrived, letting fewer than 20 cars out.

May 27

  • Officer Buentello spoke with someone regarding an issue in another town.
  • A school ID was turned in and returned to the owner.
  • Officer Schofield responded to a report of a speeding grey car that almost hit someone on Revolutionary Way.
Sunnyside Gardens

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