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Hopkinton Police Incident Log for February 5, 2024

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The town’s sozzled driving school graduated three this week, while fender-benders and ruffled locals spiked like New Year’s champagne. Police played tow-truck tag, spilled gas therapist, and high-stakes hide and seek with a potentially phantom perambulator. Lost passports, barking dogs, and mysterious driveway dancers made sure boredom was blissfully banished in Hopkinton.


  • On February 2, Jose Cuzo Gonzb [sic] of Hopkinton was arrested on charges of:
    • Operating under the influence – liquor
  • On February 3, Ryan Carney of Ashland was arrested on charges of:
    • Operating under the influence – liquor
  • On February 4, Eduardo Da Silva of Millis was arrested on charges of:
    • Operating under the influence – liquor

January 29

  • Officer Buentello and Grimley checked on a plow truck on Angels Way that was having mechanical issues. Ted’s was enroute for a tow.
  • Officer Walker responded to a gasoline spill on Hayward St.
  • 911 caller reported a roll over car accident on Frankland Rd. Several officers responded. Ted’s was contacted and the driver took a courtesy transport home.
  • Report regarding a motorcycle in the road on Main St came in. The situation was checked out and everything appeared to be okay.

January 30

  • Officer Grimley issued a winter parking violation warning on Maple St.
  • Bus company reported an accident that occurred on Pond St. The plates of the vehicle were confiscated and a crash report was taken.
  • Officer Santoro gave a student a courtesy transport to the middle school.
  • 911 caller reported a multiple vehicle accident on I-90 E. State PD was contacted and responded.
  • Officer Ziniti took a report from a walk-in regarding someone spoofing others using his business number.
  • Officer Santoro spoke with someone regarding a grandmother scam.

January 31

  • Caller reported someone tried to break into her mother’s home on East Main St around 5:00 AM. Officer Buentello responded and took a report.
  • Officer Santoro checked on a suspicious party on Hayden Rowe St. Everything was okay.
  • Caller reported a burning plastic odor from inside a building on Wood St. The fire department arrived on the scene.
  • A two car accident occurred on South St. No one was injured.

February 1

  • Officer McKeon checked on an area receiving citizen complaints of littered nip bottles by Holt St.
  • Walk-in wished to report something his home camera caught the previous night around 10:54 PM on Echo Brook Ln. The camera showed a car parked across the street with an individual that got out and walked up to his house. When the person reached the door, the camera stopped recording. No one rang the doorbell, no packages were delivered, and nothing was stolen or damaged, he just wanted it logged for now.
  • Officer Walker checked on an individual sleeping in his car on Pond St. Everything was okay.
  • Caller asked to speak with an officer regarding some issues she has been having with her neighbor.
  • Caller reported he lost his passport.
  • Woman reported some people out on the lake by Cedar St and she was concerned for their safety.
  • 911 caller reported a fire in their house they could not put out on McDermott Ln. Officer Diaz assisted the fire department.
  • Southborough PD requested Hopkinton check in on one of their residents that was involved in an incident in Southborough.
  • 911 caller reported he was just attacked by an employee who then fled on foot on South St.

February 2

  • A dog was found in the middle of Hayden Rowe St. Eventually, it was returned to its owner.
  • Caller reported a woman walking toward apartments on Woodview Way yelling. An officer spoke with a man that was walking in the area who claimed he did not hear anything, but did see two people walking in the general direction.
  • Southborough called to let Hopkinton PD know they found a Hopkinton resident’s wallet and wanted to get it back to them.
  • Caller reported a bunch of kids throwing something at his house on Overlook Rd.

February 3

  • Officer Burchard checked on a vehicle on Legacy Farms that had four occupants. The party said they’d be on their way.
  • A winter parking violation was issued to a vehicle on Walcott St.
  • Caller reported their neighbor’s dog on Ray St had been barking. Officer Burchard responded and the dog was brought inside.
  • Officers Beloin and Ekross stop an erratic driver on Lumber St. The driver was written up for a marked line violation, improper turn, and open container.

February 4

  • Officer Schofield checked on a vehicle on Church St. The driver said they were an Uber driver and waiting on their next ride.
  • Officer Buentello assisted a party get their dog back on their leash on Downey St.
  • Party called reported their basement on Peppercorn Rd got flooded and they need the water department to turn off the water from the street.
  • 911 caller reported a two car accident on Wood St. There were no injuries.
  • DPW was alerted of a medium size road kill on Wood St.
  • Caller reported a past hit and run in the Church parking lot. Incident was logged.
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