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High Speed Chase through Hopkinton ends in Crash

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On Thursday, May 11, two individuals suspected of stealing a car in Framingham led police on a high speed chase through Ashland and Hopkinton, before crashing at Main Street Auto at 96 Main Street. The suspects were driving a stolen late model convertible Saab, and they narrowly avoided striking a traffic detail officer and other cars in Hopkinton.

After crashing, the suspects fled on foot in different directions. Chief Joseph Bennett pursued the first suspect on foot and arrested him. Central Massachusetts Law Enforcement Council (CEMLEC) K9 units were deployed and with the assistance of Officer Grimley the second suspect was located. One adult was remanded to the custody of Framingham Police and the second, a 17-year old juvenile, was charged and transported to Juvenile Court.

Subsequently two walk-ins reported that the suspects’ vehicle had hit them in Ashland. The information was turned over to Ashland Police for further action.

Thanks to our friends at HCAM for providing footage from the town cameras.


  1. A stolen car is not worth the risk of a high speed car chase to everyone involved. This could have ended in severe injury or death for bystanders, the suspect, or the police. Not worth it at all.

  2. The car and police drove by me when I was driving the opposite direction in Ashland this morning. They were flying! Swerving around other cars

  3. While serving around they did damaged few cars around Ashland Dunkin. Unfortunately one of them was mine 😞.

    Fortunately no bodily injuries…for any one. I hope.


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