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Herr Endorses Joe Clark

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Editor –

As a former member of the Select Board, it is with great excitement that I write this letter in support of Joe Clark for Select Board. Joe’s deep roots in Hopkinton and strong background in business are exactly what we need on the Board.

Growing up in town and watching his father lead our fire department (I was on the Select Board when Ken was appointed Chief) provides a unique perspective for Joe from which to serve. His social network as a kid in town was centered primarily around teamwork and strong personal relationships. His experience in the business world has further honed his leadership skills and positioned him to be a strong independent voice on the Select Board. Of course, financial acumen and sound judgement are critical to anyone’s success in the role. Joe has both!

Few in town will argue with the need for the next generation to step in and help us move forward together. I am thrilled Joe is ready to lead the way and look forward to seeing him make it happen!

Brian Herr
Hayden Rowe Street

Brian Herr is a four-term Selectman seeking his fifth term of office.

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