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Helping Seniors Succeed in the Job Market

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Finding a new job can be a difficult task for seniors.

Unfortunately, one of the main challenges faced by older job seekers is age discrimination. Employers may assume that older workers are less adaptable to new technologies or are not as willing to learn new skills. This can make it difficult for older workers to compete with younger candidates, even if they have more experience and qualifications.

Another issue faced by older workers is the stereotype that they are less productive and less reliable than younger workers. Employers may believe that older workers are more likely to take time off for health reasons, or that they are less motivated and engaged in their work. These stereotypes can make it difficult for older workers to secure a job, even if they are fully capable and willing to work.

Despite these challenges, seniors can still find ways to succeed in the job market. One way is to emphasize the value they bring to a company, such as their experience, knowledge, and ability to mentor younger employees. They can also take steps to update their skills and stay current in their field, such as taking classes or pursuing additional education.

Another way is to network and connect with other professionals in their field. This can help older workers stay informed about job opportunities and gain insights about different companies. Last week, the Hopkinton Public Library launched a multi-month program to help seniors build skills and their network. These bi-weekly sessions are designed for people looking for a new job, a new direction for their career, or a Second Act in their career.

While it can be difficult for older workers to find new jobs, it’s not impossible. With determination, hard work, and a willingness to adapt, older workers can find success in the job market and continue to make valuable contributions to the workforce.


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