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Harrow: Where Did All Our Cops Go?

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Metrowest YMCA Summer Camp

I sit here with three editions of the Hopkinton Annual Report; 2020, 2021, and 2022. In comparing, I note that in the 2020 and 2021 reports for the Hopkinton Police Department, there is but one departure from the department. But from 2021 to 2022, I count 11.  

What transpired that resulted in 11 members of our Police Department exiting? Nearly 40% of Hopkinton’s Police Department left, and that’s not counting Titan, our dog! With respect to the base “patrol” officers, it is an astounding 70% who left (again not counting Titan).  These were the core of those who should be the basis of the Sergeants, Lieutenants and Chiefs of Hopkinton’s future. How many “patrol years” of history have we lost?

What transpired in 2021 to create this outflow from the Hopkinton Police Department, and why wasn’t there a similar outflow from in 2006? Certainly, the Entwistle case was equally shocking to our town, if not more so. What can we expect as result of the recent Select Board action, or lack thereof, with respect to the promotions of Greg DeBoer and Matthew Santoro? What can we expect after tonight’s hearing on the Tim Brennan matter?

How camest [we] in this pickle?


Edwin E Harrow

Metrowest YMCA Summer Camp
Sunnyside Gardens

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  1. Maybe the culture that has been allowed to develop within the department and hanging Sergeant Brennan out to dry for the shortcomings, failures and vindictiveness of others is the reason. In short, the handwriting on the wall.


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