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Harlem Wizards return to Hopkinton

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On Wednesday, February 1, the Harlem Wizards will face off against Hopkinton teachers at the High School gym. Doors open at 6:00 and the game begins at 7:00. Advance tickets are required.

From the website: “Basketball aficionados will be treated to great skills, teamwork, slick dribbling, alley-oops and crazy slams. The non-hoop fans attending will find out that this is much more than just a basketball game. The night is funny, theatrical, exciting and spectacular and the gym will reverberate with oohs & aahs, laughter, enthusiasm, and much much more.”

The Wizards always put on a good show and get the crowd and kids involved. Below is a video from the 2016 Wizards vs. Teachers game where one Hopkinton student was recruited from the stands to join the game.

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