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Trendel: Herr brings “Unparalleled Experience, Discipline, and Independent Thinking”

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Citizens of Hopkinton – 

I am writing in strong endorsement of Brian Herr for Select Board.  Brian brings unparalleled experience, discipline, and independent thinking to the Select Board at a time when we need it most.

In my years as Chair of the Hopkinton Planning Board, I have occasionally sought guidance from Brian on some of the tougher issues we have faced.  His advice always has a common theme:  “You represent nearly 20,000 residents of Hopkinton and need to do what is right for the town, not what is best for a small subset, vocal minority, or special interest group that is challenging your thinking”.  I think this embodies Brian’s philosophy of his leadership style – he is all-in on Hopkinton and is always going to put the town first.

Beyond his commitment to Hopkinton, Brian is the type of person that we want to lead our town.  He has built an impressive career of his own, yet has been volunteering across multiple boards for decades.  He has the talent and skills to insure financial stability, to hiring experience to recruit and build strong teams, and the discipline to make tough decisions.  Brian also has a vision for Hopkinton’s future and has the ability and experience to navigate the complex pathways and process to get there.

Lastly, for Boards to perform at their highest level, it is critical to have divergent perspectives and critical thinking.  While this may stir challenges and inefficiencies, it also ensures that boards have pressure tested their thinking and are solving problems with the best solutions.  In this regard, the Select Board NEEDS Brian Herr.  He brings balance, experience, vision, and discipline.

Please join me on May 20 in voting Brian Herr for Select Board.

Gary Trendel, 31 Chamberlain Street

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  1. So pleased that Brian Herr was elected. I also appreciate his volunteerism and commitment to help govern the town. Thank you Brian and Herr family. I think I speak for many many people.


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