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Bathsheba Spooner: A Revolutionary Murder Conspiracy

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What possessed a woman from the elite of eighteenth-century New England society to conspire with American and British soldiers to murder her husband at the midpoint of the American Revolution?

The story of Bathsheba Spooner has alternately fascinated and baffled residents of Worcester County for centuries. But beyond central Massachusetts, the tale is largely unknown.

Early American marriage and divorce, its political and military background, the social strata, its legal and retributive approach to justice – these contexts serve to frame a crime whose circumstances were uniquely suited to provoke a scandal, which in its time was as gripping as that of Lizzie Borden’s over a century later.

Hopkinton Historical Society is proud to present a talk by author Andrew Noone Sunday, April 16 at 2:00 PM. The event is free and open to the public.

Please join us at 168 Hayden Rowe in Hopkinton. Books will be for sale following the event.

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