Peter Thomas

For the Celtics, it All Started in Hopkinton

The Boston Celtics are on their way to another title, but the organization's foundation was laid by Hopkinton men George V. Brown and his son Walter.

Choosing the Next Select Board Chair

Hopkinton's upcoming election will significantly impact its Select Board with the voting in of two new members followed by a restructuring to elect a new chairperson and vice-chair. While every member holds equal voting power, the chair bears more responsibilities, including agenda setting with the Town Manager and generally serving as the board's spokesperson. Current Vice Chair Shahidul Mannan seeks the chairmanship, supported largely by party loyalists. Outcomes heavily depend on election results, with different scenarios predicting either Mannan or former chair Bryan Herr could prevail, influenced by the loyalties and previous actions of the board members.

Hopkinton’s Deep State

Who gets to decide what kind of town we are? A pitched battle is underway, playing out at Select Board meetings and in our elections.

Town’s Attorney Corrects Mannan Statement on Racism

The air has been cleared. Through the town's attorney, Select Board Vice Chair Shahidul Mannan has responded to our demand letter, and the attorney confirms that in fact Mr. Mannan was mistaken; that he was referring to Facebook, not HopNews.

The Untold Story of Judy Hoyt, Champion of the Disabled

Judy Hoyt was a relentless advocate for people with disabilities. Her work inspired and transformed the lives of thousands of Americans.

Enough mansplaining Already

Muriel Kramer, often a lone voice of reason, endures condescending tendencies of her fellow board members Shahidul Mannan and Irfan Nasrullah. They monopolize discussions, restrict Kramer’s inquiries, and show disrespect for her Chair role, most recently during the chief's performance review. Despite Kramer’s fair and objective questions, her colleagues over-explain and undermine her efforts, demonstrating a lack of respect that is both condescending and disruptive to the meeting process.

Select Board roundup: Where’s the Chief?

Last night's agenda featured public support for herbicide use in Lake Maspenock, Chief of Police Joseph Bennett's postponed performance review, and the town's financial health report. The Chief's non-attendance delayed his review, while the Conservation Commission endorsed using herbicides to tackle lake weeds. Financial discussions revealed Hopkinton's solid earnings and investments. Additionally, the Select Board plans to correct a typographical error concerning the Police Chief's authority in the town charter.

Knives Should not be Allowed in our Schools

Last night's School Committee debate concerned amending the 2009 student conduct policy related to weapons, not altering the stance on drugs or assault. Superintendent Cavanaugh highlighted the issue of Sikh students' religious right to wear kirpans, which are small, dull-bladed artifacts. The discussion included how to accommodate this practice within school safety protocols, referencing global precedents and challenges, such as the 1994 Ninth Circuit Court ruling favoring religious freedom and New York City's compromise on securing kirpans. A contrasting perspective suggested strict prohibition akin to security measures in sensitive areas, citing an incident in Australia and prioritizing consistent safety policies.

The 2024 Election will be Unlike any Other

Hopkinton is experiencing a shift towards nonpartisan local governance, embracing community service and competence over political affiliations, as seen with the passage of Article 2. Despite past toxic political discourse and social media misuse, residents are collectively rejecting negativity. There's a call to action for new leadership as the town prepares to undertake significant projects that will shape Hopkinton's future. The emphasis is on unity and positive transformation, inviting dedicated candidates to step forward for the upcoming elections.

On BVT, Bennett Silenced Himself

John "Jay" Porter, former Deputy Police Chief, coached girls' soccer at BVT until May 2, 2023, despite being on leave since August 25, 2022, due to a felony child rape investigation. Controversy arose over his continued coaching during this period. But Police Chief Bennett could have removed Porter earlier.

Analysis: Timing of Police Promotions Leaves Brennan without a Seat

In a move prior to Sgt. Brennan's decisive closed-door meeting, the Select Board promoted Detectives Greg DeBoer and Matthew Santoro to Sergeants. We ask "Why now?"

From the Editor: Sorry Not Sorry We Outed the Victim, says the Town

The Town of Hopkinton formally apologized to Porter's alleged victim, after mistakenly revealing her identity in a document release on Friday evening. Actually, that's what they should have done. Instead, they focused on themselves again, and politely (and absurdly) asked every media organization that has the original documents to return them.