Alice Sinclair

Alice Sinclair is a guest contributor to HopNews. She resides in Hopkinton and offers advice on relationships, raising children and balancing a busy life. You can submit a comment to Alice anonymously at her website.

Dear Allie: Boo Birds at Town Meeting

Alice offers advice to a resident of Hopkinton who expresses concern over uncivil behavior during the recent special town meeting. The writer notes that certain attendees undermined speakers and created an intimidating atmosphere, causing others to hesitate to voice their opinions.

Dear Allie: Getting the Spark Back

A Hopkinton woman struggles with feelings of complacency in her long-standing marriage and grapples with guilt for wanting a passionate relationship. Guest columnist Alice Sinclair gives her some tough love.

Dear Allie: Handling a School Bus Bully

Mom Kristin from Hopkinton writes in to ask Allie for advice on helping her daughter deal with a school bus bully.