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Sergeant Tim Brennan Placed on Administrative Leave

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On May 11, 2023 Hopkinton Police Sergeant Timothy Brennan was placed on paid administrative leave.

The town has offered no reason for why Brennan is on leave. In a written statement, Chief Joseph Bennett said “The town does not comment on personnel matters.”

Brennan is an 18 year veteran of the Hopkinton Police Department. He joined in 2005 after serving on the campus police at Bentley University.

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  1. What an absolute shame to see this happen to Tim. Anyone who knows him knows he is the most personable, ethically pure and wonderful person anyone can call a friend. It’s unfortunate to see that he’s out right now but please, please please do not mix him into the mix of any other accusations of the ex deputy chief. I am confident that whatever the issue is will be investigated and he will be back to work sooner than later. He’s a great man, a great cop and a great sergeant. It’s terrible that he and his family have to go through this.

    • Brendan this really shows you’ve lost your touch and gone soft on all of us as a town. You played too nice with politics in return politics weren’t very nice to you, that should be all the signs you need to not lose you strong voice you once had!!! Many modern day folks cannot even remember the former commenting board on HopNews had a frequent flyer referred to as “The Show”, although many sissies found that person to be insulting downright not funny he/she really wasn’t bit shy to call a spade a spade just like it was. Don’t lose your inner you!!! Be that dinosaur! In regards to the Brennan issue, I always have always will go by the innocent til proven guilty principle and not knowing the facts of it we all should remain mum and not relate it to recent events that unfolded in the HPD yet hope this is cleared up rather quickly for both Tim’s sake and a taxpayer sake, would hate to see this dragged 8 months out and then a development unfolds regardless of who’s favor it’s in.

      • Easy to be so opinionated when you don’t reveal your name. I find it cowardly. Brendon has always been a straight shooter, and honest with his opinions.
        Shame on you.

  2. I don’t remember any select person leaving a supportive comment when our Deputy Chief was suspended but now when a townie is put on leave you are all coming out. Shame on all of you.

  3. This all starts at the top! Why isn’t the Chief of Police being questioned about all of this? There has been massive turnover and it seems very suspicious that Porter resigned 2 days before the indictment- coincidence? I’m not so sure!

  4. Whatever is going on here I hope it is cleared up quickly. Every town needs a cop like Brennan. I see him at the Starbucks and he knows everyone’s name and stops and talks with everyone and I see him at the football games and he’s always on the sideline talking to people in town. The young guys are good too, but they don’t know the town like he does. Policing has changed a lot in the last two decades and he is one of the old-timers that knows the town and knows what’s going on. That trust takes years to build. 

  5. I agree with Brendon. There a lot of reasons to be put on administrative leave. Let’s not jump to conclusions.

    • The Deputy Chief was on paid leave for 8 months before being charged. He has pleaded not guilty, it’s in the hands of the court. Everyone is innocent until proven guilty. The authorities are investigating, trust the process. These officers have families.

  6. Now that the town has been embarrassed by the police department twice in a short period of time, leadership must be reviewed. While the child molester may have violated his position of power years ago, it does not matter. The new leadership should know everything about the case, background, and should have removed the second in command much sooner. Let him sue the town.

    Now another long-term officer off with pay for undisclosed reasons. How do we balance the right to know what our public employees are doing illegally against their right to privacy? I would prefer a legal team that found a way to let the sunshine in, so the people of Hopkinton know what is going on with those hired to serve and defend. I thought there was a strict duty to report, that was primary. When did this report happen and by the school or police?

    At this point, it seems that the only way to restore faith that our police are focusing on crime, community service, protection, and many other critical situations is to bring in an external review group. Their reports should be taken seriously and implemented as much as possible.

    I understand that two people are an anomaly, and that the rest of the police force does a great job. In fairness to them, we need a study to look at how to rebuild public confidence. All the fine officers deserve to have leadership they can count on for support, not suspect of misdeeds.

    Innocent until proven guilty is paramount, but so is information dissemination.

  7. What a shame! Tim Brennan is being dragged through the mud and should never be put on leave! He is what this town needs!!! He has done NOTHING wrong but continually protects all residents. The Chief is using him him as nothing but a scapegoat. Shame on the Chief. Let’s all hope the nonsense of this passes quickly so Tim can back and do his job… which is what the community needs!

    • You are accusing the chief of police of making Sargent Brennan his scapegoat? That’s shameful.

  8. Sergeant Tim Brennan (to my experience) and that of our family, is a stand up guy. Wonderful person, father & law enforcement officer. He is ‘Hopkinton’; he bleeds ‘Hillers’ through & through and has backed it up over the years. I have witnessed this first hand.

    As has been mentioned, (and I agree) – in this country one is innocent until proven guilty. Not knowing any of the facts, let’s be careful to not malign or defame. Especially someone who has served our town for close to two decades.

    Let’s be sane & rational and not position ourselves like judges.

    Best to him & his family

  9. Chris Swezey-INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY means just that. Don’t you dare disparage someone and call that person a child molester until all of the facts are on the table.

  10. Fran Murphy – The Former school resource officer/Deputy Police Chief that was indicted by a grand jury after a lengthy criminal investigation, who was on paid leave throughout the entire process and was somehow able to submit his retirement papers seemingly as the indictment occurred… This is the gentleman you are so concerned about having his integrity disparaged? There is a presumption of innocence until proven guilty in court but I’m pretty sure the cow is out of the barn as far as this guys integrity is concerned…..

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