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PJB Volunteer Bette McBride is named “Patriots Difference Maker of the Week” by Kraft Family Foundation

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This week, the Kraft Family Foundation celebrated Betty McBride as a “Patriots Difference Maker of the Week”, because of her work with Project Just Because.

Project Just Because helps struggling families in their times of greatest need by supplying basic necessities including warm clothing, food and school supplies. They are dedicated to serving as many men, women and children as possible in a caring and dignified environment. As a conduit between those who want to give and those in need, Project Just Because fosters a stronger, more empathetic community.

Bette volunteers as the lead role of the Project Just Because Food Pantry free grocery store a minimum of two full days a week. She has been volunteering for over three years. Her work has evolved into dependable leadership for volunteers and patrons. On a typical day, Bette helps an average 60 households/families as they shop in the food pantry.

Bette greets everyone with a warm welcome and ensures that their food pantry experience goes smoothly. Her efforts and hard work keep the food pantry process at Project Just Because running efficiently, while bringing an element of hospitality. Patrons typically come to Project Just Because during a hard time, and Bette makes it a more dignified, low stress situation for customers during those times with her friendly, confident disposition upon greeting and getting patrons out the door.

Bette’s energy is contagious to the rest of the volunteers. Food pantry volunteers and patrons look to her as their guide. She creates a cohesive atmosphere between volunteers serving, and patrons in need of services. She always encourages friends to come along and volunteer. She handles the challenges of her day-to-day volunteer work with great grace.

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