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Hopkinton Police Incident Log for March 12, 2023

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Sunnyside Gardens

A couple of arrests this week, all involving alcohol.


  • On March 6, Megan Anderson of Hopkinton was arrested on charges of:
    • State Highway Traffic Violation
    • OUI Liquor over 0.8%
    • Child Endangerment while OUI
  • On March 6, Michael Bartomoli of Smithfield, RI was arrested on charges of:
    • OUI Liquor over 0.8%
  • On March 7, Nikki Hewey of Worcester was arrested on charges of:
    • Resisting Arrest
    • Unlicensed Operation of a MV
    • Number Plate Violation to Conceal Id
    • OUI Liquor over .08%
    • Identity Self, MV Operator Refuse
    • Unregistered Motor Vehicle
  • On March 10, Jeffrey Kerrigan of Milford was arrested on charges of:
    • Marked Lanes Violation
    • OUI Liquor over .08%

March 6, 2023:

  • Officer Grimley checked on a vehicle on Elm Street. The party was just getting a few things out of his recently deceased father’s office.
  • A motor vehicle check on conducted on South Street on a white Hyundai because the plate came back to a white Land Rover. Officer Grimley responded and the vehicle was unoccupied and secured.
  • A caller reported a dead turkey in the road on Cedar Street. Officer Walker responded and would be calling DPW to notify them.
  • Multiple officers responded to a call about a dog that had fallen through ice on West Main Street. The dog was reported to be safe and out of the water.
  • A walk-in reported a lost black lab in the back side of the State Park. Animal Control and the State Park were notified.
  • A caller reported downed wires on East Main Street. Multiple officers responded, and Verizon was notified.

March 7 2023

  • A walk-in reported a lost wallet. The owner was contacted and would be picking up the wallet later that day.
  • A caller reported an employee who had been let go that morning causing a disturbance on East Main Street. Multiple officers responded, and the employee was to be on his way.
  • A caller reported an erratic driver on Main Street. The incident was called in 15 minutes after the fact.
  • A motor vehicle accident occurred on Hayden Rowe Street. Officer Santoro responded, and no personal injuries were reported.
  • A stalled motor vehicle was reported on West Main Street. Officer Beloin responded and AAA arrived at the scene.

March 8, 2023

  • A caller reported a dog barking on Maple Street. Officer McKeon responded and Animal Control was advised. There was no answer at the door and no dog was barking.
  • Multiple officers responded to a motor vehicle accident on Hayden Rowe Street. No personal injuries were reported and a written warning was issued for one of the drivers.
  • A disabled motor vehicle was reported on School Street. Officer Staback responded.
  • A walk-in brought in a lost set of keys found off of the Milford Bike Trail.
  • A motor vehicle accident was reported on Hayden Rowe Street. Multiple officers responded, and a tow truck was called for one of the vehicles. No personal injuries were reported.
  • Sergeant O’Neill reported a disabled motor vehicle off of the roadway on East Main Street. The operators of the vehicle were all set with a tire change and said that they would be on their way soon.
  • Officer Salentik reported low wires hanging dangerously on Main Street. Eversource was contacted.
  • Multiple officers responded to a motor vehicle accident on DJ Murphy Lane. There was minimal damage to the vehicle, and a baby deer was struck and was limping away but able to move along.
  • A Hayward Street homeowner could see a vehicle at the bottom of his driveway through his camera and wanted an officer to check it out. Officer Santoro was dispatched, but the homeowner then reported that he knew the vehicle and the officer was cancelled enroute.

March 9, 2023

  • A caller reported hearing screaming and banging from his neighbors house on Woodview Way. Multiple officers responded, and the caller then called back to report that it sounded like someone was being dragged. The officers spoke to the party, and everything was checked and was okay.
  • Animal Control was notified after a white cat that was not moving was reported on Franklin Road. Animal Control was able to retrieve the cat.
  • A white Honda was reported speeding on Lumber Street. Officer McKeon responded.
  • A black Range Rover was reported for speeding on Stoney Brook Road, and when asked by the reporting party to slow down they sped up. Officer Stanley responded.

March 10, 2023

  • Officer Walker checked on a vehicle in a parking lot on Hayden Rowe Street. The party was waiting for a ride.
  • Officer Diaz assisted a tractor trailer trying to turn around to get back onto the main road at Spring Street.
  • A caller reported that he believed that someone had broken into his apartment in Constitution Court and stolen a few items. Officer Diaz responded and took a report.
  • An Avenue E caller reported that he wanted a 19-year old employee removed. Multiple officers responded and spoke with all the parties involved.
  • A caller reported possible unpermitted fracking on an Ash Street property. Officer Staback responded and checked and spoke with the well company on scene and reported that they were just conducting well maintenance. All was okay.
  • A caller reported that they saw a dog off of a leash and believed that the dog was lost. Officer Salentik responded but reported that the dog was not located. Animal Control was advised.
  • Two sets of keys were found in EMC Park. The keys were for a wagon or a Honda.
  • A 911 caller reported a car vs. pole accident on Elm Street. Multiple officers responded and reported that the poles and wires were down. Eversource and Verizon both responded. No personal injuries were reported.

March 11, 2023

  • Multiple officers responded to two juveniles with three bikes out on Walker Street. A parent of a juvenile came to pick them up.
  • A caller reported a man walking on grass on Apple Tree Road who looked suspicious. Multiple officers responded to check the area but no one was found.
  • A motor vehicle accident was reported on West Main Street. Upton PD was out with both vehicles and had taken photos and the vehicles information. Officer Ekross responded and no personal injuries were reported.
  • A vehicle monitoring company reported a vehicle emergency button had been pushed but they were unable to get in touch with the occupants. Officer Staback was unable to find the vehicle but will be checking around the area. The party was then able to be contacted and all was good.
  • A caller reported that there was a silver Honda in a parking lot on Constitution Court. The reporting party said that inappropriate activity was going on inside the vehicle. Officer LaTour responded and spoke with the operator.

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Sunnyside Gardens

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