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Hopkinton Police Incident Log for February 6, 2023

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This week, there was a wild animal loose in a closet and a tree struck a man on his behind.


  • On February 4, 21 year old Matheus Paulino of Cotuit, MA was arrested on charges of:
    • Unlicensed Operation of a Motor Vehicle
    • OUI Liquor over .08%

January 30, 2023

  • The Chestnut Street sign was reported being down. It appeared that someone may have hit it. A message was left for DPW.
  • A West Main Street caller reported a disabled motor vehicle being in a bad spot. Officer McKeon responded and waited for Triple A to arrive.
  • Officer McKeon responded to a call from the State Police reporting an erratic driver getting off 495 and heading towards Upton. The area was checked with a negative find.
  • Sergeant Brennan gave a commercial truck on Huckleberry Road a verbal warning for being in the roadway.
  • A walk-in reported a found checkbook in the roadway. Officer Salentik reported that the item was returned to the owner. All was well.
  • A caller reported identity theft. Officer Salentik responded and took a report.
  • A West Main Street manager reported a credit card scam. Officer McKeon responded and took a report.
  • Several calls reported a two-car accident on Hayden Rowe Street. Airbags were deployed, and multiple officers responded. No personal injuries were reported and Teds was contacted for both vehicles. 
  • A caller wanted to report suspicious activity that happened on the last day of school in 2022. 
  • A medium/large black dog and a white dog were running loose on First Road. The dogs were returned to the homeowner. 
  • An accident occurred on Main Street. No personal injuries were reported. Officer LaTour responded

    January 31, 2023

    • Two unoccupied vehicles with front end damage were reported being seen on West Main Street. Officer Grimley responded.
    • A 911 caller reported a possible Breaking and Entering on Hunters Ridge Road. Multiple officers responded and checked the area with a negative find.
    • A two car motor vehicle accident was reported on West Main Street. Multiple officers responded and no personal injuries were reported.
    • Multiple officers checked an area on College Street for a road hazard.

        February 1, 2023

        • A Downey Street caller reported fraud involving an Amazon Purchase. Officer Davis advised the caller to check with their bank and creditor to confirm there was no unusual activity.
        • A reporting party wanted to speak with an officer about a parking warning that was left on his car on Summer Street. The note that was left on their windshield was not left by Hopkinton PD.
        • A customer was concerned about two vehicles parked in a lot on West Main Street. The vehicles reportedly had flat tires. Both of the vehicles were checked by Sergeant O’Neill. 

        February 2, 2023

        • Officer Stewart checked on a person sleeping in a ATM booth on South Street. Multiple other officers responded to help him and found an open door at the property. The area was checked and the building was secure.
        • A caller reported a wild animal was in her closet on Rosewood Lane. A message was left for Animal Control. Officer Proctor assisted.
        • A Cedar Street caller reported she encountered a lady while walking her dogs at the State Park. The lady advised her to be careful as there was been a white male with dark clothing who was acting aggressive towards others and had picked up rocks. Officer Cifuentes responded. 
        • A caller reported that there was construction debris under a bridge on I-495. Sergeant Brennan responded and checked under the West Main Street and Wood Street bridges with a negative find.
        • A Main Street caller reported someone stole tools out of the back of his truck. Officer Walker spoke with the reporting party and took a report.
        • An accident on Grove Street with no personal injuries was reported. Officer Grimley responded and took a crash report.
        • A walk-in was looking to speak with an officer about receiving harassing calls.

        February 3, 2023

        • An accident happened on Gasset Road. Sergeant Brennan responded and no personal injuries were reported.
        • Multiple officers responded to a 911 call about a fallen tree in the roadway on South Mill Street. Another 911 caller reported that the tree had hit a male and was suffering from hip/knee and buttocks pain. The roadway was shut down and DPW was enroute.
        • A caller reported that a tree had fallen down on Cedar Street. Multiple officers responded and the tree was removed.
        • A caller stated that she had hit a dog on Wood Street. The dog was okay and returned to the owner.
        • Officer LaTour responded to a tree branch that had fallen from a previous road hazard on South Mill Street.
        • A caller reported that a school bus was traveling 45mph in a 30mph zone and took a left with no directional. Officer Stanley was notified.
        • Multiple officers responded to down wires on School Street.
        • A caller reported a tree on wires hanging across East Street. Officer LaTour responded.
        • A 911 caller reported a tree hanging on wires on Clinton Street, causing the road to be unpassable. Eversource and Verizon were notified. 
        • Sergeant Buchard responded to a reported road hazard on Frankland Road. One lane was shut down and DPW was notified. 
        • A 911 caller reported a large tree on wires making West Main Street unpassable. Upton was advised and Eversource was contacted.
        • A South Street caller reported that their car battery had died. Officer Stewart responded and was able to assist the party.

        February 4, 2023

        • A Main Street caller reported that their heat had stopped working but they still had power. Officer Cifuentes advised him that they were not able to do much about it, but gave him Milford PD’s number to ask about available shelters for the night. 
        • Officer Grimley noticed significant graffiti that looked pretty new on Ash Street. The graffiti was photographed, building checked and declared secure, and no force entry was noticed. 
        • Officer Diaz assisted a disabled motorist while they were waiting for AAA. 
        • A caller stated that multiple vehicles were turning around in an area on East Street due to a road hazard. Officer Diaz responded.
        • A caller reported a water meter issue on Maple Street. The Water Department was notified.

        February 5, 2023

        • A Revolutionary Way resident reported a vehicle parked illegally in a handicap spot. He stated that the person had been ticketed previously. Officer Diaz responded and issued a parking ticket.
        • While multiple officers were issuing a parking ticket, they were approached about a water pipe burst on Revolutionary Way. Maintenance was on the scene. 
        • A resident of Old Town Road walked into the station to report property damage. Sergeant Brennan spoke with the party and assessed the damage.
        • A resident of Sanctuary Lane reported water coming from her roof. Sergeant Brennan assisted and was able to shut off a pump in the electrical panel but asked the Fire Department to check.

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