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“Business is nearly back”, says Vrahliotis

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Brian Herr for Select Board

The effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on restaurants and retail are well documented, but less well covered is COVID’s effect on other businesses. With people working from home, the need for professional attire declined dramatically. One business that felt this acutely was Hiller’s Cleaners in downtown Hopkinton.

But it seems we’ve turned the corner. “We’re almost back fully. Not quite 100%, but we’re getting there,” said Hiller’s Cleaners veteran owner George Vrahliotis today, as a full serpentine rack of finished dry cleaning and laundered clothes behind him bore silent testimony to the statement. George noted with pride that their dry cleaning is 100% eco-friendly, and that the store also does alterations, tailoring, and shoe repair.

Brian Herr for Select Board

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