Anne Mattina

Anne Mattina, PhD, is a professor of Communications at Stonehill College in Easton, MA. She is also on the Board of Directors of the Hopkinton Historical Society.

Hopkinton Man Participated in Boston Tea Party

John Dickman was a Hopkinton man that joined the activists in their rejection of British taxes, the event that led to the Revolutionary War.

Where do you live?  The Origin of Hopkinton’s Street Names, Part II

HopNews readers delivered with their extensive knowledge of Hopkinton history!

A Time to Remember

On this Memorial Day, Anne Mattina details the rich history of Hopkinton's civil war heroes.

Did the Bear Hill School Succumb to Fire?

Did the Bear Hill Schoolhouse burn down or not? Thanks to some sleuthing by Nancy Cavanaugh-Richards we finally have the answer!

Where do you Live? The Origin of Hopkinton’s Street Names.

Do you know who (or what) your street was named after? Share your knowledge with us for a chance to win a prize!

A Brief Look at Hopkinton’s Irish Past

The town of Hopkinton experienced a population boom in the middle of the 19th...

Early Black History in Hopkinton

As a community, we are indebted to two Hopkinton women who have spent much time and energy documenting and sharing the Black history of our town; Jazz Dottin and Linda Connelly.

An Update on the Hopkinton to Hollywood Stagecoach

In 1951, the Singing Cowboy purchased a stagecoach from Cold Spring Farms.

Buffalo Bill, Gene Autry and…Hopkinton?

Two of America's greatest cowboy entertainers have ties to Hopkinton.

New Years Eve 91 years ago, Town Hall was saved from Auction

Most people are aware that downtown Hopkinton suffered several big fires, and as a...

Hopkinton Turns 307

Three hundred seven years old and counting! Hopkinton, founded on December 13, 1715, has...