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Letter to the Editor: Positive Campaigning

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Dear Editor,

In response to your recent article regarding the resignation of Darlene Hayes, I find the HDTC’s comment that they “have a written procedure that encourages positive campaigning in which their entire membership adopted years ago” to be disappointing and false. It was just proven that their (now former) chair had not adopted this precarious procedure, but was actually acting in the exact opposite way. Their new chair, Amy Groves was demanding in comments that I name the two SC members that supported Ashley Fogg’s campaign (see here). Why would she want to know this other than to either call us liars or to intimidate and harass the two SC members that supported Ashley Fogg’s campaign? I’ll note that one of these SC members resigned from HDTC following it going public that she supported Ashley’s run for SC. In addition to this, it is shown in the comments section in this article the the HDTC cheered on a person (aka “Enough is Enough”) that screamed “F**k Fascists!” at Ashley and her children on voting day.

None of this is positive campaigning. Not even close. How are we supposed to accept and trust that statement? The whole procedure needs to be reworked in my opinion. Having a mission statement and procedures are one thing but following them and living by them is another.

Kristin Dangelo

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  1. Great points Kristin and 100% agree. Can you imagine their reactions if it was an independent or republican caught doing what Darlene did?? They’d be literally screaming. Like ALL CAPS ALL THE TIME screaming. Appears like hypocrisy to me.
    I also have to commend you for mentioning those comments about facism, that were quite over dramatic….seriously?? Like anyone in small town Hopkinton politics is pushing actual fascism. That person needs to find a hobby or something, maybe go do a yoga class and turn off Rachel Maddow.

  2. Look, if you are going to cite me, at least get one thing right: I’m not a Democrat. I don’t support the Hopkinton Democratic Town Committee at all.

    I’m an antifascist. I might ‘vote’s progressive, but I am in no way a Democrat.

    Please get your information right before you post an allegation like this.

    • Go back and re read it. She didn’t call you a HDTC member. But that HDTC members loudly cheered for you screaming the F word at me and my kids in the middle school parking lot.

      Supporting your completely inappropriate and vicious behavior is not “positive campaigning.”

    • No democrats are too much to the right of you. My family were blue dog democrats until the party was taken over by you. Antifascist? anything but. You either agree with you or you are a fascist.

    • I just looked it up. No words, just 🤦‍♀️.
      Forget the yoga class, yoga is probably racist in that ideology….they need some xanax.

  3. “Enough is Enough” is a very small person. Calling a woman a “fascist” simply for disagreeing with you, while she volunteers her time to run for local office is really sad.
    But it is the modern playbook of the American Left. When you can’t win your argument on substance, you just hurl baseless accusations of racism, fascism, etc like an angry middle school child.

    Go away EIE…….you’re small and wanting in intellect and courage.

    • Certainly agree that EIE outburst was very unacceptable. Would also point out that someone whose handle is also a middle school style taunt and makes broad negative generalizations of the politics of a third of the country maybe should consider their own contribution to the temperature of local politics.

  4. Enough is Enough. Irony defined. Yes, we have all had enough negative allegations from someone unwilling to unmask themselves and publicly state such absurdities. You do understand you have NO credibility. Your actions are deplorable (like the play on Hillary’s words), as swearing at your fellow townspeople is unacceptable, in any context. I feel you exhibit classic anger issues, are inarticulate, and worst of all you hide behind a pseudonym still trying to influence people. NOTE: TRYING Who are you Enough. Grow up and put your name behind your assertions and attacks. To do anything else is juvenile internet bullying.
    Chris Swezey

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