Julie Ford

Julie Ford is Hopkinton's resident "birder in-chief" and a licensed Wildlife Rehabilitator. You can follow Julie on HopNews and her Facebook page.

Dispatch from Julie: Red-tailed Hawk Dies by Gunshot

A young Red-tailed Hawk died of an apparent gunshot wound.

The beautiful Red-bellied woodpecker

A beautiful Red-bellied Woodpecker!
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Ring-billed Gulls on the pond

Noticed these Ring-billed Gulls on a local pond a few days ago….and wondered…why does...

Dispatch from Julie: Layers of Blues

Winter would be very boring without these guys around. We have a mutually beneficial...

Dispatch from Julie: Barred Owl Blends In

I almost didn't notice her, she blended in SO well with the oak! Amazing!...

An Intriguing Northern Cardinal

Julie Ford shares another stunning picture with HopNews readers.

Dispatch from Julie: A rare sighting of an Eastern Coyote

When I take a walk with my camera, I never look for anything in...

A River Otter makes a nice catch

A river otter got a Golden Shiner for his Trick or Treat on Monday!...

Barred Owl Rescued from Roadside

Everyone loves owls, right? Luckily for this Barred Owl, a local woman found her...

Red Shouldered Hawk seen in Hopkinton

Longtime contributor Julie Ford captured this stunning image of a red shouldered hawk perching...

Northern Flicker in-flight

Northern (yellow-shafted) Flicker cruising by, and boy did I get lucky! 😄 Interesting, most...

A Great Blue Heron

Our resident ornithologists and regular HopNews contributor Julie Ford snapped this photo of a...

Dispatch from Julie: A beautiful egret

One of the most beautiful birds I have ever laid eyes on, the Great...

Dispatch from Julie: Red-winged Blackbirds

A red-winged blackbird and her insistent offspring. The juvenile was loudly screeching at her...

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