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WATCH: Hoyt Statue Restoration Underway

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On November 16, restoration began on the the Team Hoyt statue that sits in front of Center School. The statue has not been maintained for several years. The protective coatings on many of the surfaces have either failed or are nonexistent, and in many of the areas, there is pooling water, which is bad for the artwork. 

Dick and Rick Hoyt were the inspirational duo known for their participation in various athletic events, particularly marathons and triathlons. Their story is particularly remarkable because Rick was diagnosed with cerebral palsy at birth, which left him unable to speak or control his limbs. Despite these challenges, the Hoyts became a symbol of determination and father-son bonding through sports.

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The duo participated in the Boston Marathon an impressive 32 times, with their first race in 1980. Their story is inextricably linked to Hopkinton’s history, and despite Rick’s passing in 2023, Team Hoyt continues to serve our town, most recently in May with the Dick Hoyt Memorial Road Race

Restoration expert Jeff Buccacio began work on the statue by removing the existing coatings and contaminants and reducing it to bare metal. He and his team will then apply a sealant that is expected to last up to 15 years.

The work is generously underwritten by John Hancock, who commissioned the Team Hoyt statue by artist Mike Tabor.

Watch as Jeff and his assistant work to restore this inspiring monument to the pioneers of duo marathoning. 

And here’s a flashback to ten years ago when Dick and Rick Hoyt attended the unveiling of the Hoyt Statue.

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