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Training for the Boston Marathon is a daunting task for anyone, especially for working moms who already have a demanding schedule of balancing jobs, life, and kids. These women must find time to fit in their training while also taking care of their families and meeting the demands of their careers. It requires dedication, discipline, and time management skills.

Seven Hopkinton women, with 15 children between them, are making that sacrifice, showing up week after week to train and cheer each other on. Vanessa Hill, Kaitlyn Mullen, Kyla McSweeney, Diane Mimmo, Ingrid Li, and Tara Medich are all first-time runners in the Boston marathon. Susan Barrett Finnegan is running the London marathon, which will be held April 23. 

They are motivated by the causes they believe in and are using the race as a platform to raise awareness and funds for charities and organizations close to their hearts.

Kyla McSweeney is running for Horizons for Homeless Children. “I set my career in early childhood education, and I resonate with their mission,” she said.

Diane Mimmo is supporting the MetroWest YMCA this year. “I love the Y’s focus on fitness and nutrition, and I wanted to support a local charity.”

Susan Barrett Finnegan is running the London marathon in support of Team Breath! for Asthma + Lung UK. “I have a daughter and a niece with asthma, and my brother works at the American Lung Association,” said Barrett Finnegan.

Tara Medich received the bib from the Hopkinton Running Club, which is the group that brought the women together.

Kaitlin Mullen and Vanessa Hill are both supporting Beth Israel Lahey Health, where they work. At the time of publishing, Mullen had raised $8,652 and Hill had raised $8,163 from 84 individual donors. 

Dr. Ingrid Li is supporting Tufts Medical Center, where she trained and now works.  

Though each acknowledged the training is difficult, they all agreed it was made easier by doing it as a group.

“I’ve run two marathons now,” said Barrett Finnegan, “and it is so much easier to train when you have someone running next to you, someone that will show up at 5:00 in the morning for you. It’s that extra incentive not to skip that day.”

“I wouldn’t have is any other way. I was peer pressured into running,” said Li, as her friends laughed.



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