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Kristen Brown helps you to get Fit – on Your Terms

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Who doesn’t want to feel empowered, confident and strong?  These words are how Kristen Brown, wife, mom to three, and a local Hopkinton health coach wants her clients to feel when they work with her.  Kristen has always had a passion for movement; from childhood she describes herself as an athletic girl who enjoys playing most sports.  This continued through college and into early adulthood. 

In 2013, Kristen made the decision to bring her passion for movement to others. KrisFyt started as a power yoga practice and through the years has evolved into much more.  Kristen’s “progress over perfection” mentality is seen in all aspects of her health coaching. 

“Being fit to me does not mean being skinny.  Being fit is not attached to a number on the scale,” says Kristen.  She believes that being fit is “feeling strong and confident in your own skin.” Her ultimate goal for her clients is “not holding any attachment to any previous versions of yourself and loving where you are right now.  By making small improvements and through creating a positive mindset and the right type of fitness, anyone can get there.”

Kristen hopes to debunk the myth that cardio equals weight loss.  If you are like me and are in your 40’s, that is what was taught to us from a very young age.  Science-based fitness shows that just the opposite is true; strength training helps you form muscle. Kristen believes that cardio plays a role, of course, but for two reasons: for your heart health longevity and for fun (think family bike ride or a walk with friends).  “Strength training helps anyone feel stronger and live a longer and healthier lifestyle.” Don’t we all want that?

Walking away from this interview, two nuggets of information truly stood out that I think everyone, especially the busy on-the-go moms of Hopkinton will appreciate.  The first is to think of your workout in small “snacks” – you don’t have to sit down and complete a 60 minute HIIT or Peloton ride.  “If you treat workouts like a treat, or little snacks throughout the day, you will be more likely to complete them.”  She suggests 30 minutes of moving your body each day, and it can be split up however you can fit it in.  

The second relates to eating, which we know can be daunting.  How many times do you open a bag of Goldfish for your kiddos and help yourself to a handful?  She recommends small snack size bags for protein-forward snacks.  This way you are filling up quickly and won’t eat the entire bag!  Either purchasing the snack size bags or prepping your own bags in the morning may stop your third handful of Goldfish if you already know you’ve got something ready to go.

Are you ready to get fit?  She describes herself as her own ideal client; “Someone trying to find their way back to wellness, who is looking for support from someone whose been there before.”  Most of her clients simply don’t know where to start and are looking for a jumpstart.

Kristen offers several types of coaching from the “FASTer Way to Fat Loss”, to group exercise classes, a very active Peloton FaceBook group and personal training.  You can learn more about Kristen at her at her website or find her teaching classes at Hopkinton Country Club or the Adirondack Club of Franklin. 

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