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Hopkinton Police Incident Log For October 23, 2023

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This week in our chaotic neighborhood: hit and runs are aplenty, rogue piles of dirt halting transportation & sneaky individuals approach homes akin to bad ninjas on camera. We’ve been spooked with friendly “BOOed” notes and surprise candy. Random items uncovered include a bike, medication, and a money jar (no treasure map, sadly). Erratic drivers continue to charm us while cheeky kids takeover lobbies. Last, but not least, we see mysterious swans and stolen packages making Hopkinton a peculiar sitcom episode.

October 16

  • An accident on East Main St involving an 18-wheeler and a van left a man trapped inside his vehicle. Several officers were on the scene.
  • Caller reports he hit a parked vehicle on Constitution Ct.
  • A woman expressed concern for dirt piles in the roadway making it difficult for cars to get by. Her bus wasn’t able to drive through it. Sometime later, the piles were cleaned and roads were passable.
  • A man reports suspicious activity on his home cameras. People were going onto his property and playing with the cameras.
  • Officers Buentello and Ekross respond to a 911 call of a camper being broken into. A report was taken.

October 17

  • An individual came into the lobby to get served a trespass order on behalf of the Franklin PD.
  • Officer Walker checks on a vehicle missing a front plate.
  • A man reports someone knocked on his door and ran. The individual left candy and a note saying, “You have been BOOed.”
  • A woman calls to report she hit a deer in the area of Carbones.

October 18

  • Officer Santoro responds to a hit and run on Hayden Rowe.
  • A caller reports finding a bike, medication containers, and a jar of money on Penny Meadow Lane.
  • Someone reports that their packages were stolen on Sunday.
  • A 911 call comes in regarding swans on Downey St.
  • Officer Staback advised a truck to move along when it was parked in the lane of travel on Main St.
  • A caller reported a two car motor vehicle accident occurred. Luckily, no injuries were suffered.

October 19

  • Officers Saletnik and Schofield assist a call reporting an abandoned vehicle on Cedar St. Extension that appeared to have been in an accident. It had significant damage. The officers try to get in contact with the owner.
  • A report came in in regards to people walking in an area by Apple Tree Hill Rd asking about the names of neighbors.
  • An individual requests to speak with an officer about the laws of dirtbikes.
  • Officer Beuntello and Ekross receive a 911 call reporting a erratic driver on Downey St.

October 20

  • Upton contacts Hopkinton in regards to something blowing out a tire in Hopkinton.
  • An individual requests that six kids be removed from the lobby of their building. They were interfering with business.
  • Another report claims kids are out of control, climbing on the building in Main St.
  • Wayside reports threats from juvenile residing in Hopkinton.

October 21

  • Officer Grimley assists a vehicle that was in need of directions.
  • Officers Beloin and McNeil respond to a call from Franklin detective to check if a missing minor was staying at a certain residence. Hopkinton releases the individual to Franklin.
  • 911 call reports an operating is driving erratically on Cedar St.

October 22

  • Officer Saletnik follows a reports of an operator driving at a high rate of speed and following cars too close. The vehicle pulled into AllTown but was unable to find.
  • A man calls 911 to report he was rear ended and the other vehicle fled near Hayden Rowe. He was able to get a license plate and did not suffer any injuries.
  • A call comes in at 2:38 of a home camera showing someone approaching his doorbell. The man later asks his neighbors and they said they saw four individuals walking around.
  • A woman reports that someone hit her car and fled. She was parked behind the church. She stated that she called AAA to tow her car. Officers will be on the look out for the small white sedan heading to the town line.
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