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Hopkinton Police Incident Log for August 29, 2023

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In this week’s blotter, an alleged blackmail attempt, a 6-year old trapped in a room, and a Lyft driver thinks he sees a gun in a passenger’s handbag.


  • On August 27, Karen Macedo of Upton was arrested on charges of:
    • Unlicensed operation of a motor vehicle
    • Number plate violation to conceal ID
    • Removal or documents and forge/misuse
    • Light violation
    • Unregistered motor vehicle violation

August 22, 2023

  • 911 caller reports an erratic operator coming into town on 495. Officers Saletnik and Schofield respond but are unable to locate vehicle.
  • Man reports an accident in his driveway on Winter street.
  • Caller reports her roommate’s dogs have been locked in the room for 27 hours and requests assistance. Officer McNeil spoke to the roommate who claimed she was on her way home. They have had issues at the location before.
  • Walk-in says she found keys on the Whitehall trail. The only description was that it is a black “Volvo” key.
  • Man reports his house was egged and vandalized with other types of foods several times in the past few days. Officer Belion spoke with man and confirmed no damage. The man would like to log the incident for future reference.
  • A few 911 calls come in on a single car rollover on Front street.
  • Caller reports finding a bag full of money. Officers LaTour and Normandin retrieve the bag.

August 23, 2023

  • Walk-in states she found a dog in the West Main area. Eventually they got in contact with owner and they would be pick up the dog shortly after.
  • Man reports seeing a man walk through his yard on his camera. It appeared to just be trespassing but he will be at home shortly.
  • Officer O’Neil responds to a report that soccer nets were vandalized.

August 24, 2023

  • 911 caller reports a blackmail. Caller sent a female photos on SnapChat and she threatened to send them all to his friend unless he pays $500.
  • An injured hawk in Legacy Farms was called in. It was walking down the road way.
  • Officers McKeon and Staback assist a 911 caller concerned their garage door keeps opening and closing and their cameras are going in and out. McKeon and Staback check the home is clear and the homeowner was satisfied.
  • Officer Staback helps a 911 report of a 6 year old boy locked in his sisters room. He was scared and crying. Staback helped open the door.
  • Pedestrian on bicycle was struck by a vehicle but declined medical attention.
  • Women wished to log an incident of a man approaching her in CVS requesting that she hit him with her vehicle.
  • Multiple officers report to a house party with underage drinking. House lights were going on and off. Kids aged 15-20 had their names taken.

August 25, 2023

  • 911 caller states a truck was in an accident in Legacy Farms. It was unknown if anyone was injured. There was damage to the fence, retraining wall and guard rail on the scene. Ted’s responded and towed the vehicle.
  • Women reported her house was damaged and requested to speak with an officer. There was minimal damaged and the cause remained unknown.
  • Officer LaTour reports a fence was vandalized. They suspect it was kids hanging on it near the property.

August 26, 2023

  • Caller reports a road rage type incident on Saddle Hill. One car followed another vehicle and was honking aggressively. Officer Walker talks with driver and they admit to a verbal altercation.
  • Report of harassment was filed. The caller stated the harassment was progressively getting worse.
  • Officer Burchard and Staback report to a call of a strong smell of natural gas in the driveway. Eversource was called to the scene.
  • Two car accident occurred on Hayward street. There were no injuries and the crash was reported.
  • Caller declares all their neighbors lights are off. Officer Burchard checks to make sure power is not out and found no power outage.

August 27, 2023

  • Man reports receiving a snapshot from his home camera. He could see an individual outside his home with a flashlight and was looking into the house. The homeowner was out of the country and stated his neighbor was house sitting for him. Officers checked the perimeter but did not find anything. They will be in contact with the neighbor.
  • Reports of a loose dog running on 495 was called in. The state PD and animal control were informed. It was described as a brown dog possibly a chocolate lab with a purple collar.
  • Woman on Lumber street reports being blocked into her driveway. She believes the individual who blocked the driveway was harassing/stalking her daughter.
  • A Lyft driver sees what he believes to be a gun in the bag of the female passenger. The driver goes to the Framingham PD, where the passenger had left her bag which they went to retrieve. However, they were then advised to go to the Hopkinton PD. The bag contained a toy gun and some makeup.
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