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Remembering Joseph Pyne

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Veterans gathered around the gallery photo of Joseph Pyne, whose family sponsored the Vets Breakfast on 1 July 2022, in honor of Joe and his US Army service.  Joe was an archetypical “Townie,” and his memory evoked many animated stories.  

The photo above shows a portion of the veterans in attendance: On the left, from front-to-back are:

  • Mike Boelson (US Army)
  • Jacques LeDuc (USCG)
  • Jim Pyne (US Army and brother of Joe Pyne)
  • Frank Fede (USN)
  • William Muench (USN)
  • Robert Hole (USN),
  • Ted Hoyt (US Army). 

On the right from front-to-back are:

  • Hank Allessio (US Army)
  • Jeff Macmillan (USN)
  • Margo Pyne (Joe’s daughter)
  • Bill Hamilton (USN)
  • Ken Weismantel (USAF)

The group discussion comprised remembrances of recently deceased veterans and historical recollections of military events that occurred on July 1, the date of the breakfast.  An understanding of decisions of great military leaders is typically a highlight. 

Best wishes for a safe and enjoyable Independence Day were shared among the veterans.

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