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We Want You – to Run for Office

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In Hopkinton, engaging in local politics is like being a local hero, but instead of fighting crime, you’re fighting for better roads, top-notch schools, and lively Select Board meetings. By participating in Hopkinton politics, you can be the Robin to the town’s Batman, and the laughter to the community’s tears. With your cape made of voting ballots and your superpowers of knowledge on local issues and accountability skills, you’re well prepared to save the day…or at least make it a little more interesting! Who knows, you might even earn a key to the city or a shoutout from the Select Board.

A hero that doesn’t wear a cape is town clerk Connor Degan, who recently announced there are multiple openings for elected town officers to be voted on at Town Election, which will be held on May 15. He invited anyone interested in volunteering for a position to inquire at town hall about the nomination process.

A nomination form with at least 50 signatures from town residents must be submitted by March 27 to be valid.

Open positions:

  • Select Board – one position for a three-year term
  • Board of Assessors – one position for a three-year term
  • Board of Health – one position for a three-year term
  • Board of Library Trustees – two positions for three-year terms
  • Commissioner of Trust Funds – one position for a three-year term
  • Constable – one position for a three-year term
  • Housing Authority – one position for a four-year term
  • Parks & Recreation Commission – two positions for three-year terms
  • Planning Board – two positions for five year terms, one position for a three-year term, and one position for a two-year term
  • School Committee – two positions for three year terms

This is your opportunity to have a voice on important issues such as our infrastructure, schools, police & fire, and tax policies. Your participation helps hold our elected officials accountable, ensuring that our needs and values are represented, and helps create a better future for us and future generations. Hopkinton is counting on you, hero!


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