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Middle School Students Complete 5k

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On Thursday, November 9, Hopkinton Middle School students ran a closed course 5k. More than 200 students participated, the largest group since the race started five years ago.

The semester-long program is conducted by Hopkinton educator Deb Pinto. Participating students voluntarily gave up a free period during the school day to train for the 5k. The program incorporates several critical life and health skills, including goal setting, running safety, and how to avoid injury when running.

“This is a very innovative program, and is the only one of its kind in Massachusetts, and maybe in the country,” said 26.2 Foundation President and CEO Tim Kilduff, who was on hand to congratulate the students.

The top boys to finish were Morgan Carney, Lucas Arnold, Aryan Jha and Jack Cooper. The top girls were Annabelle Liu, Ashleigh Dickinson, Ava Davenport, Devyn Santucci, and Catherine Chow.

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