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Math, with a cherry on top

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Earlier this week, Hop-Yo owner Matt Colleran dropped by his son’s fifth grade class to teach “Fro Yo” math.

Example story problems:

  • On Friday, Jack, Grayson, and Lucas walk to town. They go to Hop-Yo to buy a yogurt. Jack’s cup weighed 6.2 ounces, Grayson’s weighs 8.5 ounces, and Lucas’ weighed 11.4 ounces.  What was the total combined weight of all 3 sundaes?
  • On Friday we sold 880 ounces, on Saturday we sold 1,115 ounces, and on Sunday we sold 2,025 ounces of yogurt.  Each ounce of yogurt costs 10 cents to buy, and we sell each ounce for sixty cents. How much money did Hop-Yo make over the weekend?

Matt and his wife, Laura, have long been supporters of the town, hosting numerous sports teams and fundraisers over the years.

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