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Letter to the Editor: Time to Step Up Involvement

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Do you know who runs the Town of Hopkinton? We, the residents do. We have a Special Town Meeting (STM – Nov 13, 7:00 pm) coming up with important issues that we decide. Will you attend?

While many may have only heard about the Select Board and the Town Manager, there are a host of town boards and committees that are responsible for significant contributions in our town.  These boards and committees are staffed by your Hopkinton neighbors.  Any idea of how many of these boards and committees are in town?  45. And at the time of this letter, there are more than 40 openings across all these boards and committees.  

We all have opinions about the cost and quality of services within the Town of Hopkinton. We also have an obligation to get involved with governing the town we live in. You can make a difference and get involved. How?  There are multiple ways:

  1. Vote. Don’t let the few who show up determine our future as a town! At the last election in the Spring of 2023, less than 20% of the registered voters cast a ballot. There were some pretty heated contests that were determined by a very small number of votes; your vote could have made a difference. If you want a voice, you need to vote.
  2. Attend and participate in town meetings – STM – 7:00 pm Nov 13th at the Hopkinton Middle School. Everything of significance in Hopkinton gets discussed at town meetings and you have the opportunity to be heard and to vote on hot topics. The turnout at recent meetings has been quite thin. More of us should be participating.
  1. Get involved in town committees and boards. While not everyone may be interested in running for Select Board or other offices, there are 45 different boards and committees that cover everything from Affordable Housing to Zoning (literally A to Z). Most of these positions are appointed, not publicly elected!  Most residents are unaware of all the boards and committees that are available.

To make things easier, we’ve put together a shared drive that lists every board and committee, links to their respective web pages, information on the role, term length, vacancies and even information on upcoming terms ending.   You can access this information on the links below or on the Hopkinton Republican Town Committee Facebook site and Town webpage:

The town website also has good information:

You can also sign up for email notifications on all the open boards/committees as well as other Hopkinton notifications: 

There are plenty of opportunities to get involved. With these tools, you can have a better understanding of what opportunities exist to get involved and make a difference.  

We need your help to make our town a better place! Don’t leave our future up to just a few of our townspeople. A more diverse group of views benefits us all! 

Thank you,

Jim Mirabile, Hopkinton Republican Town Committee

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  1. Democracy is not a spectator sport. It depends on all of us to volunteer, run for office, and assume the responsibility of leadership.


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