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Letter to the Editor: Select Board Failed on Trails

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It’s unfortunate that the Hopkinton Select Board shirked their management responsibilities with regard to the Upper Charles Trail Committee.

This committee was appointed by the Select Board and given a specific assignment. The committee is charged with identifying routes for a multi-use trail connecting with Milford and Ashland. In addition, they are to use the existing Center Trail. The committee has spent eleven years exploring routes. 

If the Select Board was dissatisfied with the progress of the committee, they could have had a discussion with them. Instead they allowed a dispute between town volunteers to simmer and erupt at our recent town meeting.

Volunteers are the energy that keeps our democracy going. They are a valuable resource and should be treated with curtesy and respect.

The challenge now is to restore a civil process and establish trust so that the work of building a multi-use trail can be completed. It is a complex charge with no current solution. There are lots of facts, ideas, and views and a “not in my back (or front) yard” sentiment.

Communication, compromise and trust are required if we are to have this trail.

Sally Snyder

37 Eastview Road and former member of the Select Board


  1. Why are there always commercial trucks parked in the Hugh’s trail lot. I can never find parking spot? There are also always vehicles parked there after dark?


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