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Letter to the Editor: A Call for Art

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From HHS Senior Owen Fitzpatrick

During the pandemic shutdown, one of my favorite websites was Window Swap. I could go from Berlin to Rio to India in a click and I felt less alone.

The idea to curate an exhibit based on what families have on their walls at home was born. My Call for Art will be for families to allow HCA to exhibit a piece right off their walls or a photograph that best represents them, which I will frame. I will ask them to write a few sentences as to why it represents them.

Start Line Brewing has generously donated a $100 gift certificate to the family who best explains their connection to the work of art as “best in show.” People are naturally curious about other people’s stuff and what’s inside their homes. This curiosity will bring more people to the exhibit, and the HCA, similar to the big crowds who attend holiday home tours. Few things are more important than family and home. Sharing both means community bonding.

Here is my Call for Art. Thank you, Hopkinton!

Owen Fitzpatrick


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