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Jim Noon Found Alive

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A missing Hopkinton man has been found alive and has been transported to UMass Memorial Hospital in Worcester.

James (Jim) Noon, 84, walked away from his apartment at Golden Pond Assisted Living Center on September 10 at approximately 10:00 PM. His absence was reported to Hopkinton police and fire at 12:30 AM on September 11. First responders deployed drones and K-9 units but were unable to locate Mr. Noon.

The search continued throughout the day but was suspended due to darkness. Rescue teams reassembled on the morning of September 12 and continued to search through the woods and swampy areas in the vicinity of Golden Pond. Late last night the search team received updated video footage of Mr. Noon leaving the facility. Using a computer model provided by the State Police the rescue team was able to create a high probability search zone. They also adjusted their pattern today; whereas yesterday they went yard to yard, today they formed a line and walked the woods in the search zone. Traversing dense forest and muddy areas, a state trooper located Mr. Noon laying down near a creek at approximately 11:00 AM. He was just north of Icehouse Pond, about 30 feet from the trail. Mr. Noon appeared to be in distress and may have sustained a fall, resulting in an abdominal injury.

Two medics and a compliment of police officers rushed the injured man to an ambulance for transport. Despite having suffered from 36 hours of exposure Mr. Noon’s vital signs were strong. Reportedly Mr. Noon’s wife, who does not live at Golden Pond, was en route to the hospital.

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  1. I don’t understand why on earth Golden Pond client’s are free to come and go when they want, especially when it is 10PM and client has Dementia ??

      • It is assisted living, not a nursing home…from their website –

        Residents will enjoy two unique restaurants offering diverse menus and a wide variety of culinary options including a formal dining room and a more casual bistro for those times you are looking for a quick bite to eat. The Lofts at Golden Pond are just steps from the new Promenade which includes a sun-filled Great Room overlooking the courtyard, a movie theater, arts center, internet lounge, activity center, billiards room, full service salon and apothecary.

        Residents enjoy comfortable, maintenance-free living in this distinctive neighborhood within the Golden Pond Communities. Monthly rates include weekly housekeeping, linen changes, meal plans and distinctive social programs. Concierge services, resident care services, on-site access to healthcare practitioners and medication delivery right to your door.

    • Golden pond isn’t a prison ! No one that goes to golden pond comes out alive. As a Grandson of a Alzheimer’s patient (he lived 14 year with the disease) . My grandfather loved to wander he would smell food cooking and follow his nose. Harmless he was going to die any way so we didn’t have him restrained. In Native American culture it was common for the elderly to wander away to pray to their God and pass away.

  2. Hat’s off to Hopkinton 1st responders! Will they be feted at the next Board of Selectmen’s meeting or will Ms. Kramer get ahead of this and table it until an oversight committee is created?

  3. It’s sounds like a wonderful place for assisted living BUT if a resident has dementia I don’t think they should have access to the door after dark. There should be someone monitoring the door or keeping track who comes and goes, no?

  4. Such a wonderful outcome. My prayers go out to Mr Noon and his family. I am so proud of HPD. State Police. HFD. And all surrounding towns first responders who assisted in this search which led to a great outcome. I couldn’t be any more proud of the men and women who do this job everyday. 🇱🇷🇱🇷🇱🇷🇱🇷🇱🇷🇱🇷🇱🇷🇱🇷🇱🇷🇱🇷🇱🇷

  5. Assisted living facilities do an intake assessment to determine whether they can meet the needs of a potential new resident. They also need to reassess regularly to make sure the care plan/facility is appropriate. If a person has dementia and is at risk of wandering off, the facility should not accept the person to their facility unless they have a secure memory care unit, where they can’t just walk out the door at 10:00 PM. I think I read somewhere that he was new to the facility so maybe this behavior is new (moves can be very disorienting to elderly people, especially those with even mild dementia). I am sure that after this incident, Mr Noon will need to be placed in a secure memory care unit. I am so relieved that he was found safe.

  6. Events like this take prior planning and training. Coordination between Hopkinton Police and Fire Departments as well as other outside agencies that were brought in to assist. Congratulations to everyone involved. My best to Mr. Noon.

    • Thank you Pat you’re absolutely right those who serve their community do put everything on the line. Respond to what ever call comes in. The problem is people can’t understand and except death. The one part of being a first responder is not everyone lives. That’s the burden of most that do your job. But as a grandson of an Alzheimer’s sufferer the long goodbye is incredibly painful. A quick heart attack would be so much easier. These people have so much pride but deteriorate slowly and never recover.the burden of first responders is to save everyone. The burden of an Alzheimer’s patient is to pass quickly. Love and appreciate all that first responders do.see you soon Pat with a cold bottle of water.

  7. Lucy, calm down.

    For the safety of the searchers, they can’t search in the dark on uneven terrain. In addition, how are they expected to see the poor guy in the dark? A search light only illuminates so much.



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