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Hopkinton Veterans gather for Breakfast

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Seated left to right are:

  • Gordon Winston, US Air Force, displaying a “Mustang” fighter which represents the only propeller-driven airplane to shoot down 2 jet-propelled German Messerschmitts in 1944
  • Hank Allessio, US Army
  • Jack Westcott, US Navy, with a photo of the USS Laffey (DD-724) that was known as The Ship That Would Not Die. She survived 6 kamikaze crashes in 1945 during the Battle of Okinawa in WW II.

Standing left to right are:

  • Art Brooks, US Navy, holding a photo of Rear Admiral Sakaibara signing surrender documents of Wake Island to the Allies. Sakaibara was the same official who, in 1943, ordered nearly 100 Americans massacred.
  • Bob Letendre, US Army, showing Major Charles Whittlesey receiving the Congressional Medal of Honor for leading the “Lost Battalion” in the Argonne Forest during WW I
  • Bill Krans, US Marine Corps.

November 4 is the next scheduled Veterans Breakfast, which is near the date of the USMC birthday on the 10th, and Hopkinton’s Veterans Appreciation Dinner in the evening and Veterans Day ceremonies during the day on November 11th.

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