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Hopkinton Police Incident Log for September 25, 2023

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One arrest, several traffic complaints regarding slow lights, and multiple vehicle collisions in this week’s report.


  • On September 24, Emily Vannort of Southborough was arrested on charges of:
    • Marked lane violation
    • Negligent operation of motor vehicle
    • Operating under the influence – liquor

September 18, 2023

  • A two car accident occurred on Granite St. There were no personal injuries.
  • Party reports a tree seems to be leaning more and more each day on Cedar St. Officer Staback checked it out and DPW arrived on the scene to take care of it.
  • Walk-in requested an officer assist with a dog exchange.
  • 911 caller reports a two car accident on Lumber St. Initially, injuries were unknown, but the Fire Chief on the scene reported no injuries. Both vehicles were towed.
  • Caller reports he lost his phone. Log entered.

September 19, 2023

  • Caller requests an officer to assist with traffic on Lumber St because things were a little bit jammed.
  • Officer Walker responds to a 911 call of a crash, and luckily no injuries were suffered.
  • A woman called wishing to log traffic complaint during school drop off. Officer Santoro followed up on her concerns of the heavy traffic and no crossing guard.
  • Officers Beloin and Burchard advise a woman whose work laptop was stolen. After checking the location tracked in town, she filed a report with her home town of Milford.
  • Man reports his son’s black lab got out. Officer Burchard assists and returns the dog home.

September 20, 2023

  • Online complaint regarding traffic not stopping on Main and Pleasant St crosswalks came in. Officer Schofield confirms the crosswalk lights are functioning.
  • Another online complaint was filed stating the lights at West Main and Wood St weren’t working and only allowing 5-7 car through at a time.
  • Officers LaTour and Santoro respond to reports that the green light on Main St doesn’t let enough cars through during peak traffic time. Reports claim it gets very backed up and cycles too quickly with cars coming from Wood St.

September 21, 2023

  • Report of receiving threatening texts came in after someone was terminated from their job.
  • Call regarding two teenagers on dirt bikes on Oakhurst Rd was reported. The teens weren’t wearing helmets.
  • LaTour assists a report of a suspicious male walking in the caller’s driveway that wouldn’t respond when spoken to.

September 22, 2023

  • Officer Saletnik advises a man fishing to wrap things up after checking on their vehicle.
  • Officers Saletnik and Schofield check on a vehicle in a parking lot. Two individuals appeared to be sleeping inside, but informed the officers they’d be on their way.
  • Caller reported her son was missing.
  • Caller reports a car on Revolutionary Way does not belong to anyone, but has a humming noise coming from it for the past ninety minutes. The caller thought it was suspicious. Officer McKeon made the owner aware.
  • Walk-in turned in a pair of AirPods they found on the upper field near Hayden Rowe.

September 23, 2023

  • A woman calls reporting a “for sale” sign on an empty lot across the street from her. However, she believes the lot is not for sale and someone stole the sign and put it there. She wanted the incident logged in case someone came looking for it.
  • A resident on Leons Way reported someone broke into their garage during the night and stole two electric bikes. Officer McKeon responded and spoke with neighbors.

September 24, 2023

  • Caller reports someone hit her mailbox on Overlook Rd.
  • A walk-in reported his mother was scammed by a contractor.
  • Walk-in requested to speak with an officer regarding a stolen bicycle.
  • Man reports his neighbor’s dog was crying all day. Dispatch called the dog owner and left a voicemail. This has been an ongoing issue between the neighbors.

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