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Hopkinton Police Incident Log for September 12, 2023

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Some days with many incidents and others with none, this week there were multiple dogs on the loose, a missing person, and one arrest.


  • On September 8, Reginaldo De Oliveira of Milford was arrested on charges of:
    • Unlicensed Operation of a Motor Vehicle
    • Speeding in Violation of Special Regulation
    • Operating Under the Influence of Liquor

September 5, 2023

  • A two car accident occurred on C St. There were no known injuries and Officers McNeil and Normandin provided a courtesy transport to the Southborough train station.
  • Several calls came in about a broken down fire truck due to a brake line issue. Bulldog responded and were able to get the truck running again.
  • Call reported a bus stop issue on Grove St. Kids were crossing a road to get to the stop which resulted in almost getting hit. The bus company was advised on the issue.
  • A women called 911 concerned about a suspicious vehicle following her on her walk home. It was described as an older GMC or Chevy with a dented rear bumper and falling off plates. The man operating the vehicle was bald and middle-aged. Officer McKeon responded but was unable to locate the car.
  • A caller reported a person standing on her porch. It turned out the lady was missing from the senior center and returned.

September 8, 2023

  • A call of a coyote in a garden came in. The coyote moved off the property across the road. The caller was then unsure of where it went, possibly to a den.
  • A caller reported getting a call from the Hopkinton PD. He was advised there were incidents of someone calling people pretending to be an officer of the department. He was informed no one should be getting in contact with him unless he was in trouble and was advised to not give any personal information.
  • A chocolate lab was on the loose near Ash Street without a collar. Caller declared he would watch the dog until the owner appeared.
  • Man reports he was chased by loose dogs on his jog.

September 9, 2023

  • Walk-in dropped off a wallet with cash, passport, and driver’s license.
  • Officer Beloin responded to a worried call of a dead skunk in front of a house. The caller said vehicles were trying to avoid it.
  • A call from Hayden Rowe declared someone tried to break into their maintnence room. There was damage to their door and garage door.
  • A two car accident occurred on Grove Street. There were possible injuries.
  • A caller reported a young kid sitting on the guard rails appearing to be hunched over. Officer Schofield responded but did not find the kid. Later, a person matching the description was spotted walking down the road and was offered a courtesy ride home.
  • Multiple calls reported a noise disturbance at the EMC building involving multiple vehicles and loud music.

September 10, 2023

  • 110 Grill bartender called concerned for a man who had been sitting at the bench for two hours, claiming he was waiting for his ride.
  • Upton PD was advised after a 911 call reporting an erratic driver was headed towards Upton.
  • Caller reported that she found a child at the school. Officers McKeon and Staback responded and the child was reunited with its mother.
  • Multiple calls of dirt bikes on the road came in. The operators stated they ran out of gas and they would be heading back into the woods soon.
  • Caller reports one of their residents has not been seen by his health aid. He is new to the facility and is known to walk. Multiple surrounding police departments were contacted. Upton responded with a drone and Milford helped out with K9 resources.
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