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Hopkinton Police Incident Log for October 30, 2023

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A Northbridge resident took a multifaceted approach to law-breaking, while unexpected photography, a disappearing bearded fellow. and delinquent canines ran amok, spawning annoying incidents for callers. An elusive coyote stirred unease, raccoons played rough with cars, and underage drinking parties unraveled.


  • Enrique Cruz of Northbridge was arrested on October 29 on charges of:
    • Marked lanes violation
    • Negligent operation of motor vehicle
    • Driving under the influence

October 23

  • A report of vandalism was called in regarding someone breaking a window with a rock on Constitution Ct.

October 24

  • A motor vehicle versus pole accident occurred on Granite St. Luckily, there were no injuries, but the pole snapped in half. Eversource and Verizon’s emergency crews responded.
  • A man called in that Best Buy never delivered his friend’s laptop. The man was advised to have the laptop owner call when he returns.
  • Officer Buentello and Staback respond to a report of a black dog, about 40 pounds, running in and out of traffic on Hayden Rowe.
  • A woman is advised to contact Animal Control when she reports her dog was attacked by a German Shepard.

October 25

  • A report of a woman taking photographs of people was called in. Officer McNeil spoke with the woman and determined she was only taking pictures of trees.
  • A caller reports an older man with a white beard pulled into the school parking lot and looked suspicious. By the time officers responded, the vehicle was gone.
  • Officers Beloin, Bennet, Burchard, and Grimley assist a 911 call regarding a missing 7 year old boy. The caller was on Colella Farm Road. Thankfully, the boy was soon located.

October 26

  • Officer McKeon spoke to workers parked on the side of Main St when a caller reports they were having trouble seeing when pulling onto the road.
  • A caller reports seeing the same coyote near Autumn Ridge Rd. the last few days around 5:00 pm. Animal Control was notified and families in the area were advised to keep close watch of children and pets.
  • Caller reports two dogs got into a fight on Woodview Way. The caller contacted Animal Control and left a message with Baypath.
  • A report came in regarding a raccoon that was hit by a car was rolling around on West Main. The raccoon was moved to the side of the road.

October 27

  • A walk in reported someone used his gift card.
  • A caller reports an older model Chevy that was missing its front bumper was speeding down Main St.
  • A party requests to speak with an officer about a hit and run that occurred on the highway.
  • Officer O’Neil assists a minor who claims he was accused of stealing at CVS.
  • Officer LaTour asks a group of kid that were playing on construction equipment near Main St to move along.

October 28

  • A woman reports a man had his dog off leash on South St and it ran at her. She declares the man was confrontational after the incident.
  • Caller reported a party with underage drinking. The party was ended and the kids were picked up.
  • A group of kids from a party report took off into the woods by Roosevelt Ln.
  • A caller that did not want to be identified reported a party on Brook Hollow Ln. The homeowners ensured the kids would get home.

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