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Hopkinton Police Incident Log for November 7, 2023

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  • Maria Soares of Hopedale was arrested on 11/04/2023 on charges of:
    • Marked lanes violation
    • Operating under the influence

October 30

  • Report two men claiming to be from Verizon were acting aggressive. Officer Staback spoke with the parties and they moved along.
  • A call came in regarding a suspicious SUV parked on College St with two men running up the road.
  • Officers Buchard and Grimley responded to a 911 call reporting a vehicle crashed into a stone wall. There were no injuries.

October 31

  • 911 caller reported a man walking through a construction site and was acting odd. Officer Ekross and Sgt. Van Raalten spoke with the man and he said he was lost. The officers drove him to the train station.
  • Officer McNeil received a report of a deer in distress by a lake. Two hunters were waiting nearby.
  • A report of a school bus came in that hit a couple of mailboxes on Proctor St. There were no injuries.
  • Caller reports a white Prius driving slow past multiple groups of kids.

November 1

  • Officers McKeon and McNeil advise an individual to pursue a civil case when he reports his landlord put all his stuff in the house out.
  • A woman calls reporting a man from Hopkinton has been sending her letters and printed out pictures of her from her Facebook page. She lives out of the town and does not know him, but the woman’s mom knows him from a long time ago.
  • A caller reports a man walked into the woods with bow and arrow. The caller was advised that its hunting.
  • Officers Buentello, Grimley, Normandin, and O’Neil assist Worcester in a missing juvenile case.

November 3

  • Man calls reporting his wife got two calls in the last 20 minutes from a person claiming to be the Hopkinton Police Department. The man and his wife were advised not to answer the calls as it was not the department calling her. The incident was logged as this was not the first time it has happened.
  • Parties report hate mail they received.
  • A walk-in reported getting a call of someone claiming they are an officer at the Hopkinton Police Department and they supplied a number that was the actual department’s number. The man was advised that it could be someone trying to get personal information or was trying to get the man out of the house as they may have wanted to break in. Officers were informed and performed a property check.
  • 911 caller reports a school bus was possibly hit in a dangerous situation on West Elm.
  • Walk-in reported an incident of road rage between himself and a biker. The biker claimed he was not giving him enough space on the road, but the biker did not let the vehicle pass even with several cars behind him. Eventually the biker stopped and started swearing at the operator. The biker was a man in his mid 50s-60s with a grey beard.
  • Caller expresses concern for kids in a blue Honda Civic that were in the back with no seatbelts. The car was headed towards the center of town.

November 4

  • Caller reports a deer with a broken leg crossed the ramp near West Main. When checked on, the deer was not found.
  • A woman calls asking how to get her mother’s license back. She was arrested for an OUI. She was advised to contact RMV.
  • A woman reported her daughter was concerned someone was tracking her. Officer Staback spoke with the family.
  • 911 caller reported she smelled cigarettes and was concerned someone was smoking in their apartment building. The woman spoke with the management office. She was informed this isn’t a police matter and she should stay in contact with the leasing office.

November 5

  • Officer Kimberley assists a report of a man finding a black dog on Spring St with no collar.
  • Caller reports he couldn’t get into his residence. The Fire Department responded and got it.
  • Officers Burchard and LaTour assist a possible rollover on I-495.

November 6

  • Several officers respond to an accident on West Main St. Some injuries were reported.
  • Woman calls wishing to report and accident she had with a deer the prior night. She was driving near Sandy Beach when a deer ran out into the road and hit her car. There was damage to her headlight. After the incident, she drove around looking for the deer but couldn’t find it. She was not sure what to do so called the department in the morning. The accident was logged.
  • A walk-in turned in 4 credit cards and a license.
  • A neighbor reports their neighbors dog is never on a leash and always chases their 7 year old son and the mother.

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