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Hopkinton Police Incident Log for November 20, 2023

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In a rather peculiar week of neighborhood policing, brawling teens turned out to be rather peaceful, invisible teens dominated the complaints, and a mysterious man in camouflage bragged about his trophy buck. There were cars bumping into one another, suspicious photographers turned out to have legitimate day jobs, and mixed reports of missing dogs and curious coyotes. Brown water plagued everyone, and a nameless man wished to stage a peaceful protest. And oh, someone tried taking a joyride in a school mom’s parked car!

November 13

  • Milford requested assistance for a bar fight, but the request was cancelled while unit was in route.
  • Officer Normandin files a civil matter for a caller who had a dispute with their neighbor.
  • Caller reports teenagers that appear to be fighting around the senior center. Officer Grimley responds and find the teens, but they were not fighting. They were advised to be on their way.
  • Caller reports a vehicle parked in front of her home with teens yelling at each other. Negative find on the teens when a unit responded.

November 14

  • Three cars were involved in an accident on West Main St. One operator suffered neck pain from the incident. The operators were offered courtesy transport and tow trucks were contacted.
  • Officers McKeon and Normandin responded to a two car accident on Granite St. Some injuries were suffered.
  • Caller reported an individual in an orange car taking pictures of homes. The individual was confirmed to be working for a home company.
  • Officer LaTour assisted a man requesting to speak with an officer about a peaceful protest he was planning. The man did not want to give his name.

November 15

  • Officer Santoro logs a report of a stolen laptop.
  • Caller wished to report a man in all camouflage and a crossbow boasting about the buck he had shot. The caller was concerned for walkers in the area.
  • Caller reports her water is brown. Everyone on the street’s water was brown too.
  • Officer McNeil and Normandin assure a caller concerned about a man taking pictures of houses in the area. The man was working for the Board and checking lights of the houses.

November 16

  • Caller reported hitting a deer on South St.
  • Officer Buentello responded to a report of a suspicious car with suspicious occupants.
  • Neighbor reports dogs have been outside barking for three hours on Mount Auburn St.
  • Caller reports someone getting in a kayak with a 3 year old and no life vest. The child had a floatation device.
  • Woman reported getting out of her car when parked at the school and someone tried getting into it.

November 17

  • 911 caller reported someone handing out gold and asking for money.
  • Caller reported a large amount of water in the roadway. There was run-off from a residential hose.
  • Officer Normandin reported people parking around the Church not allowing traffic to pass.
  • Several 911 calls regarding a two car accident occurred on Downey St. One of the drivers suffered neck pain from the incident.
  • Ashland PD advised of an erratic operator heading into Hopkinton that was trying to break checked other vehicles. It was a green GMC with veteran plates.

November 18

  • Multiple 911 calls reported an accident ton North St. One of the driver’s finger hurt after.
  • Officer LaTour and Normandin came across a road rage incident on Main St.
  • 911 caller reported a driver all over the road. The driver was eventually pulled over.
  • Woman reported that her two white huskies got out. Officers set out to assist.
  • Caller reported a suspicious vehicle on Bridgeton Way.

November 19

  • Man reports his wife was being harassed by four men and he was requesting assistance.
  • Animal control responded to a report of two dogs on his property. They were concerned of a coyote.
  • Officer Grimley assisted with a report of a suspicious vehicle in front of his home.
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