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Hopkinton Police Incident Log for November 14, 2023

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Another wild week in the Hopkinton PD logs! Expect dodgy door-knockers, lost firewood, and territorial deer claiming the streets. Count on the usual arrests, uneventful road rages, and callers worried about nothing. Strangest of all: a woman unsure if she had a fender bender and thoughtfully left her details just in case!


  • On November 11, Michael F. Riley of Hopkinton was arrested on charges of:
    • Failure to stop/yield
    • Operating under the influence

November 7

  • Calling party reports an incident of road rage. There were no injuries.
  • Westborough PD informed Hopkinton PD of a report of an erratic red box truck. The area was checked, but the truck was not found.
  • Officer Normandin assists a report of a hit and run on Hayden Rowe St.
  • Caller reports suspicious activity of two “solicitors” knocking on his door, but were unable to offer proper identification. The man felt unsafe and wanted to have the incident logged.
  • Walk in reports a possible fender bender. She believes she hit someone but was unsure and wanted to leave her info just in case.

November 8

  • Woman reports someone in her backyard the prior day. She spoke with a neighbor that said it was a person surveying for the assisted living project. She was informed that if she sees him again, that she should contact the department so they can confirm.

November 9

  • Officers Saletnik and Schofield check on two individuals sitting on a bench at AllTown. The parties were waiting for their Lyft.
  • Caller reported a landscaping truck taking up the whole lane and oncoming traffic from Cedar St wouldn’t be able to see cars. The truck was checked and it was not taking up the whole lane. It was not a hazard.
  • 911 caller reported a suspicious vehicle parked outside their residence. The operator was working in the neighborhood and was on their break.
  • A dog was hit by a car on East Main St. Animal Control took the dog to Tufts.
  • Walk in reported two dogs that were off leash and aggressive. She was advised to call when she knows or see the dogs again.
  • A report of people smoking weed from an upstairs area came in. The authorities were unable to make contact with the people above the reporting individual.

November 10

  • Caller wished to log a report that he believes someone is stealing his firewood at night.
  • Hopkinton PD advised Southboro after receiving a report that there was a speeding vehicle heading in their direction.
  • Several calls came in regarding a deer that was stuck by a vehicle. Officer Buentello responded and the deer was dispatched.

November 11

  • Walk in reported a package was stolen from her property.
  • 911 caller reported a two motor vehicle collision. No injuries were suffered.

November 12

  • Caller reported a suspicious male flagged her vehicle down and stated his car broke down on the Mass Pike. The caller told the man she would report the situation to the Hopkinton PD who then advised her to contact State police. State trooper was called and set out to assist.
  • Caller reported a deer in the middle of North St that appeared to have been hit by a car. It was still alive but unable to move for a while until a witness reported the deer walked away into the woods.
  • Walk in reported a road rage incident that occurred earlier in the day.
  • Officer Burchard responded to a report of a woman getting sideswiped by another vehicle.
  • Man reported his wife and son had not yet returned home, and while the authorities were talking to the man, the wife and kid arrived.

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