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Hopkinton Police Incident Log for June 25, 2024

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From suspicious solicitors to false alarms, this week was packed with incidents.


  • On June 21, Ashley Hamilton of Hopkinton was arrested on charges of:
    • Negligant operation of motor vehicle
    • Operating under the influence – liquor, 2nd offense

June 17

  • A woman reported her CO alarm was sounding and she did not feel well.
  • Caller reported workers in the middle of Grove St. with no police detail.

June 18

  • 911 caller reported hearing someone bang on her door and heard voices of two women. Her husband was out of town and she was nervous. Officer McKeon and Staback checked the area but did not find anything.
  • Officer Ziniti checked on a disabled vehicle on West Main St. They were already waiting on a tow.
  • A call reported attempted abduction. The situation was ongoing.
  • Walk-in reported being blocked in by a plumbing company white van. Officer Cifuentes checked the area but did not find the vehicle.
  • Caller reported she lost her wallet in town today. It is a small two fold wallet with an ID, cards, and some cash.
  • Caller reported a ding dong ditch that occurred on Glen Rd. It was two males in masks.

June 19

  • Walk-in turned in a wallet found on the common.
  • Caller reported staff throwing her belongings out.
  • Caller reported they were receiving threatening text messages. He was advised to call if it happens again.

June 20

  • Officer Diaz took a backpack back to the station after it was reported to be left on a door step that did not belong to the homeowners.
  • 911 caller reported a man had a heart attack in a white vehicle outside of a building on Lumber St. The man was okay but has had a history with heart attacks.
  • Caller reported her vehicle was hit in the parking lot of the country club. Officers went to the club to check tapes.
  • Caller reported her neighbors fire alarms have been sounding for about an hour.
  • Caller reported a dog barking outside for over and hour and its owner doesn’t appear to be home.
  • Officer Santoro assisted an 83 year old woman who fell and hurt her back.

June 21

  • Officer Buentello checked on a report of a dog in a vehicle with the windows down, but the dog looked like it was panting a lot. Buentello couldn’t find the vehicle.
  • Caller reported a solicitor gong door to door on Hayden Rowe St. being rude and had no credentials.
  • Caller reported three trucks near West Main St. parked in a lot, blasting music, drinking, and smoking and wanted an officer to check it out. The vehicles were gone upon arrival.
  • Caller reported a solicitor on Meserve St. being aggressive and not taking ‘no’ for an answer.

June 22

  • 911 caller reported she crashed her car on Frankland Rd. Eversource was contacted as the accident occurred close to their wires. Ted’s came to tow the car and the operator was transported to Milford.
  • 911 caller reported a vehicle went into the woods near Weston Ln. It appeared that no one was in the vehicle.

June 23

  • Caller reported smoke and carbon monoxide alarms sounding. It ended up that the batteries needed to be replaced.
  • 911 caller reported their propane tank smelled funny. Officer Buentello responded and found the tank was leaking.
  • Officer McKeon and Schofield spoke with two vehicles that were parked by Echo Lake to move along.
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