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Hopkinton Police Incident Log for July 9, 2024

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July 1

  • Southborough PD reported a stolen motor vehicle headed our direction. It was a 2022 grey Honda Civic.
  • 911 caller reported there was a broken bottle in his driveway Main St. That was the third time that has happened.
  • Animal control was contacted regarding a deer that was hit off of Legacy Farms that was severely injured.
  • Walk-in came in with a dog she said that was roaming in her yard. The woman was advised to bring the dog to Baypath. The owner came for the dog.
  • Walk-in requested to speak with an officer regarding suspicious drug activity.
  • The fire department responded to a resident’s house who reported their smoke alarm sounding for a few minutes and then stopping. They stated this has happened before but there was never any smoke.

July 2

  • 911 caller reported a car vs. deer collision that occurred on Hayden Rowe St. The woman operating the vehicle was a little shaken up.
  • Walk-in spoke to Officer Brooks about her mothers lost purse. The mother left it in a business and went back to get it twice but did not retrieve it. They are trying to work with the manager to see video footage.
  • Mom called reporting her son lost his wallet at the common a couple weeks ago.
  • Walk-in reported identity theft.
  • Caller reported a dog in a vehicle on West Main St. for over an hour. Officers Santoro and Buentello checked on the dog and the owner returned and has the windows down and showed the dog had water. All was okay.
  • Officers Quinzani and Schofield spoke with a party after they were reported for sitting by Winter St. with a dog and tent seeming suspicoius. The party confirmed they were fishing that day and an Uber was on the way to grab them.

July 3

  • Officer Savolt contacted the owner of a vehicle blocking a gas company.
  • 911 caller reported a road rage type incident.
  • Officer Buentello checked on an elderly woman with a flat tire on Maple St. A family member came to change the tire.
  • Officer Burchard and Ekross responded to a report of screaming and dogs barking on Spring St. The dogs got into a fight.
  • Woman reported hearing a loud bang the previous night and woke up in the morning to a smashed windshield. It appeared to be hit by a rock.
  • Caller reported a past incident involving a parking attendant being offered drugs and alcohol for a parking pass.

July 4

  • Caller reported she lost her Apple watch series 7. It is black and blue and was lost somewhere between her house and Milford.
  • Walk-in reported trees on wires by Pond St.
  • Officer Beloin assited Milford PD with a hit and run.
  • Caller reported a vehicle hit a giant stone on West Elm St. The car was towed.

July 5

  • 911 caller reported an emergency in Lawrence. Lawrence PD was contacted and handled it.
  • 911 call reported two individuals walking and the female appeared to be uncomfortable. The male had his hand around her neck. Officer Ziniti checked in but they said they were okay and refused services.
  • Woman reported a BB hole in her garage on Spring St.
  • DPW was notified of a tree down on Hayward St. making it impossible to pass.

July 6

  • Officer Walker came across a branch on Hayward St. and removed it.
  • Caller reported a suspicious vehicle parked by Lakeshore Dr. with no plates. Officer Walker came by and asked residents if they knew whose it was. The owner said they were having it towed shortly.

July 7

  • Sandy Beach called reporting a woman was looking for her dog. Someone found the dog later on and was instructed to hold onto it till they got in contact with the woman.
  • Officer Normandin and O’Neil come across some limbs in the middle of West Elm St and remove them. They also noticed trees hanging on some wires and notified Eversource.
  • Officer O’Neil spoke with the operator of a jet ski after it was reported for driving crazy in the water and launching from the beach. The operator was instructed to pull in and leave.
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