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Hopkinton Police Incident Log for July 1, 2024

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  • On June 30, Hosanan Matias Veloso of Westborough was arrested on charges of:
    • Negligent operation of motor vehicle
    • Operating under the influence – liquor

June 24

  • 911 caller reported a two car accident occurred on Claflin Pl. There were no injuries.
  • 911 caller requested help picking her washing machine up from the ground.
  • Officers Normandin and Ekross checked on a vehicle parked by West Main St. The operator was slumped over on the wheel but confirmed he was okay.
  • Walk-in reported they’ve been receiving threatening text messages from a former friend. He requested information on getting a restraining oder.

June 25

  • 911 caller reported a vehicle hit a pole on Clinton St. There were no injuries.
  • Officer Walker responded to a report of a man walking into the woods by Pratt Way with his pants down.
  • A detail officer was informed of a branch in the way on Fruit St. When checked on, there was no sign of a branch.
  • Caller reported his wife’s car was hit while she was getting her nails done. Someone at the bank witnessed it and got a plate of the vehicle. There was minor damage.
  • Officer Diaz moved a tree out of the road on Daniel Rd when it was reported. DPW was notified to cut it up the next day.
  • Officers Diaz and Normandin spoke with someone speeding who took off even faster after he was spoken to. The officers spoke to him again at his house.
  • Milford notified Hopkinton and Holliston of a small blue sedan speeding on Cedar St.

June 26

  • Walk-in reported a stolen package.
  • Officer Walker tried to follow up with an ongoing report of a speeding vehicle on Longwood Dr.
  • Officer Normandin responded to a fire alarm activation to find out all was well and it was set off by cooking.

June 27

  • The PD and FD responded to a fire alarm activation on Greenwood Rd.
  • Caller reported a sprayer truck on the side of Clinton St. and wanted someone to check on it. Officer Normandin went to get in contact but couldn’t find the crew and just left a message. The crew later responded saying the tree group was in the woods.
  • Caller asked if he was allowed to have a small knife in his vehicle. He uses it for camping. Officer Walker advised him that it is not illegal to do so.
  • Officer LaTour spoke with store manager about someone that stole $300 worth of goods.
  • Officer Ekross came across a broken down motorcycle. The operator stated his friend was coming to repair it.

June 28

  • Officer Beloin spoke with a caller regarding an ongoing speeding complaint on Auciello Dr.
  • Officer Quinzani spoke with a party about child custody questions.
  • Walk-in reported a deceased opossum in her yard on Ray St. Animal control was notified.
  • An ambulance crew reported an injured raccoon on Castle Hill Rd. Animal control was notified.
  • Walk-in reported a vehicle parking in the bike lane and informed the police of several complaints related to the downtown town construction.
  • Caller reported receiving a fraudulent pamphlet in the mail and calling the number and providing personal information.
  • Walk-in reported that she did work for a resident and they refused to pay. She claimed she did $1,000 worth of work. She was advised to go to Framingham District Court.
  • Caller reported her vehicle was hit at the high school.

June 29

  • Walk-in reported fraud and requested to speak with an officer.
  • Caller reported he’d lost his wallet.
  • Animal control got in contact with a guy giving advice about two raccoons hanging around his property.
  • A resident of Hopkinton requested help reaching El Paso PD in Texas to do a well being check on a relative.
  • Caller reported a suspicious vehicle of three guys acting weird parked in the Sandy Beach lot. The caller thought they were looking at him and his son weirdly and they threw a big bag in the dumpster. Officer Cifuentes informed the caller that an officer would check the dumpster and he should call back if this happens again.

June 30

  • A detail officer reported an illegally parked vehicle clocking in multiple people trying to get out.
  • Passerby reported a fire alarm sounding on Parkwood Dr but did not see smoke or fire.
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