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Hopkinton Police Incident Log for January 23, 2023

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In this week’s blotter: neighbors turning on each other, a casino theft, and a lost delivery driver is reported.


  • On January 22, 30 year old Eleni Pirperis of Milford was arrested on charges of:
    • Marked Lanes Violation
    • OUI- Liquor over .08%, 2nd offense

January 17, 2023

  • A walk-in reported that she had found a yellow lab on Woodview Way. Animal Control was notified and they requested that the dog be brought to Baypath.
  • Multiple officers responded to a disabled motor vehicle on Overlook Road. Both units assisted with the DMV which is now operating again.
  • Officer McKeon came upon a dog running loose on Spring Street. The officer checked with the neighbors and returned the dog back to its owners.
  • A caller reported an injured hawk on Chestnut Street. Animal control was notified and will be handling the incident.
  • Officer LaTour responded to a motor vehicle accident on Main Street. A tow truck assisted and no personal injuries were reported.
  • A walk-in reported harassment at their place of business. Sergeant McNeil took the report.
  • A Proctor Street caller reported that a man with a badge had knocked on her door. Officer LaTour responded and the man was determined to be a solicitor.

January 18, 2023

  • A caller reported that there was possibly a person in their residence on Trailside Lane. All was okay.
  • A disabled motor vehicle was removed off of Commonwealth Avenue. Officer Grimley assisted and all was well.
  • A caller reported that there was vehicle tailgating her on Main Street. The vehicle was gone upon arrival.
  • A caller reported that there was an unknown vehicle parked on their property on Claflin Place. The owner of the vehicle, who was walking their dog, was contacted. The vehicle was to be removed.
  • Officer McKeon took a call about someone wanting to report some phone calls that they were receiving. A report was taken.
  • Multiple officers responded to a report about an erratic vehicle that was passing cars on the right on Walker Street. The reporting party was spoken to. All was okay.
  • Multiple officers responded to a motor vehicle accident on Main Street. No personal injuries were reported.
  • Sergeant McNeil came across a disabled vehicle on West Main Street. The owners of the vehicle reported that help was on the way.
  • A walk-in reported a lost debit card.
  • A caller reported a tree on wires on Cole Drive. Verizon was notified.
  • A West Main Street caller reported suspicious activity in a vehicle. All was well.

January 19, 2023

  • Multiple officers checked on an unoccupied vehicle on Main Street that had pulled into a business parking lot. On camera, a male was seen walking towards an apartment building at the edge of the CVS parking lot. The area was checked with a negative find.
  • A North Legacy Farms caller reported that there was a crosswalk sign down on the side of the road. DMV was notified.
  • A winter warning parking violation was issued on Hayden Rowe Street.
  • A caller reported that there were multiple cars speeding down the roadway and not yielding to pedestrians on Main Street.
  • A Tammer Lane caller reported a vehicle parked with someone inside.. The person lived in the area and was just using their phone.
  • A Freedom Way caller reported that they had just come back from vacation and found that their house had been broken into. Multiple officers responded and took a report.

January 20, 2023

  • Officer Stewart checked on a vehicle that was near the entrance of Fruit St Fields. He spoke with the owner of the vehicle who said that they were moving along.
  • A caller called to report that she had her house keys, car keys, and car registration stolen at a casino party in Rhode Island and wanted someone to check on her house on Briarcliff Drive to make sure no one was there. Officer Salentik responded and took a report.
  • Officer McKeon did a property check on Elmwood School. All was well.
  • A caller reported that a tree company was causing a dangerous situation on Ash Street. All was set.
  • The DPW requested a check of a vehicle blocking the roadway on Bumps Lane. Multiple officers responded, and the car was removed.
  • Sergeant McNeil took a report on an unemployment fraud case.
  • A caller reported an altercation between coworkers on South Street. Multiple officers and the Fire Department responded, but could not get through to EMC security.
  • A East Main Street caller stated that she received a call requesting donations for the Police and Fire Department. The caller was advised to not give any information out.
  • Multiple officers responded to a motor vehicle accident at Price Chopper. The operator of one of the vehicles was given a written warning.
  • A caller reported a strong odor of smoke inside of a building on Saddle Hill Road. Sergeant Brennan assisted.
  • A caller reported a dead deer on the side of a walkway. It was not a hazard. A message was left for Animal Control.

January 21, 2023

  • A motor vehicle check was conducted on Hayden Rowe Street. The vehicles were unoccupied, and all was clear.
  • A caller called to report that she lost her phone at a sporting event. The caller was advised on how to protect themselves from future fraud.
  • A caller reported that a man kept on knocking on her door. Officer Grimley spoke with the reporting party and took a report.
  • A caller reported another tennant stealing property in Pinecrest Village. Multiple officers responded and took a report.
  • Officer LaTour helped a disabled motor vehicle on Main St. Triple A was on its way.
  • A 911 caller reported a suspicious vehicle in their driveway. Multiple officers responded, spoke with the homeowner, and stopped the vehicle. The man was lost delivering food. All was well.

January 22, 2023

  • Officer Staback checked on a vehicle on Cedar Street. The owner of the vehicle was fishing in the area. All was well.
  • A caller reported hearing gunshots in the area around North Legacy Farms. The area was checked with a negative find.
  • A caller reported a dispute regarding dog walking on Kruger Road. with parties were declined a police response.
  • A 911 call from a patron reported a male causing disturbance in the front of a store on West Main Street. Multiple officers responded and spoke with those involved. No action was taken, and the manager approved of both parties staying in the store for the time being.
  • A caller reported they had hit a grill that was in the road on West Main Street. The grill had been moved to the median, and a message was left for DPW to pick it up.


  1. Someone better fix these logs so that people are being referred to by there correct rank. Sergeant’s should not be being referred to as officers. They have earned those titles by serving this community for many years.


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