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Hopkinton Police Incident Log for February 27, 2023

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This week, a dog recovered a dead squirrel and inexplicably the police were called. Plus, a winter storm causes multiple downed trees.

February 20, 2023:

  • A walk-in reported a water or sewer cap had come loose in the roadway and it needed to be looked at. The Water Department was on-call and personnel was notified and were responding.
  • Officer Ekross assisted another police agency who left a summons at the wrong residence. The summons was retrieved and delivered to the correct residence.
  • A walk-in wanted to list a complaint about someone who had called 911 on them. Sergeant Schofield took a report.
  • A 911 Elizabeth Road caller reported a missing adult with disabilities. Multiple officers responded and the Fire Department was called for more resources. State PD reported that a K-9, who was called to track a trail, and an air wing were enroute to help with the search. The units reported that the male had been located.
  • A caller reported a person doing business for them may have just had their vehicle stolen on Grove Street. Multiple officers responded. The vehicle was located and it turned out just to be a misunderstanding and unfamiliarity with the area.
  • Officer LaTour conducted a motor vehicle check on a car with a flat tire on Granite Street. The owner would be out first thing the next day to fix it.
  • Multiple offices responded to a tractor trailer on fire on I-495. Officer LaTour was staying on Patriots Boulevard making sure that the fire didn’t continue towards the residential homes.

February 21, 2023

  • A caller reported a suspicious male hitch hiking for quite some time on Pond Street. Officer Ekross responded and checked with the male. The male was then reported again a couple of hours later, this time hitch hiking on Gasset Road. Officer Ekross responded again and checked the area with a negative find.
  • Officer Santoro assisted a person with questions with a restraining order.

February 22, 2023

  • Officer Grimley took a call from Ashland about a reported down stop sign at an intersection on Cross Street. The area was searched, and a stop sign was found pulled from the concrete. The vehicle was searched for with a negative find.
  • A walk-in had potential information for Bellingham PD and the state and government agencies. Sergeant McNeil spoke with the party and took a report.
  • Multiple officers responded to a motor vehicle accident on Greenwood Road. No personal injuries were reported.
  • While someone was watching a dog on Norcross Road they heard a crash downstairs. Multiple offices responded and checked the area.

February 23, 2023

  • No reports for the day.

February 24, 2023

  • Officer Diaz reported two unoccupied vehicles in a parking lot on Hayden Rowe. Both vehicles were checked and secure.
  • The DPW reported a vehicle illegally parked on Mayhew Street. The vehicle was preventing them from clearing the snow from the sidewalks. Multiple officers responded and were unable to make contact with the owner of the vehicle. A winter parking ban ticket was issued.
  • Officer Staback responded to a tree down in the roadway on Norcross Road. DPW was noticed and the tree was removed.
  • A tree on wires was reported on South Mill Street. Multiple officers responded, and barricades were put up. Eversource was notified.
  • Multiple officers responded to a tree on wires on Walker Street. DPW set up barricades and Proctor Street was closed. Eversource and a tree service were notified.
  • Officer Santoro responded to a reported tree in the road on Spring Street. The tree was on wires. DPW responded and Eversource was notified.
  • A Hillcrest Drive caller reported that a delivery driver did damage to their lawn. Multiple officers responded and spoke with the party. The party was told to call back as it was not a good time to talk.
  • Officer Salentik assisted a walk-in who needed a police clearance certification for a green card.
  • A walk-in reported that someone was stealing her son’s social security number. Officer Ekross spoke with the party.
  • A caller reported a vehicle parked one Main Street blocking her driveway. The reporting party stated that this happened often and had contacted the DPW for solutions. Officer Casey made contact with the vehicle owner and they moved the vehicle. The reporting party was advised to continuing contacting the DPW and the Select Board for solutions.
  • A walk-in came in looking for assistance canceling his license plate. He was advised of the RMW website.
  • A caller reported that she had struck a deer on Fawn Ridge Road and has damage to her vehicle. Officer Diaz responded and reported that the vehicle was operable and the operator would be on her way. No personal injuries were reported.

February 25, 2023

  • A Hayden Rowe Street employee reported two male parties who were involved in an argument outside of a bar and were now outside banging on doors and windows. Multiple officers responded and reported that the both parties took off on foot headed for the center of town.
  • A caller reported that a dog found a dead squirrel on their property on School Street. Animal control was requested by the party. The party was advised that he could dispose of the squirrel.
  • A 911 caller reported a worker on a tall ladder with no cones displayed on Ash Street. The reporting party had almost struck the vehicle. Sergeant Schofield responded and checked the area with a negative find.
  • A party was looking for Baypath and Animal Control numbers because there dog had been missing since the night before. Officer Proctor called ACO and relayed the party name and number.
  • A caller reported that they had a bin of tools in the back of his truck and the tailgate was down. His wife did not realize until she had gotten to work and he was wondering if anything had been found.
  • A Main Street caller reported that their driveway was partially blocked by a parked car.
  • Multiple officers were advised that the left hand turn signal on Cedar Street had been turned around due to the wind and motorists were unable to see the light. DPW was notified of the situation and would fix it the next day.

February 26, 2023

  • A Locust Lane homeowner reported that their gas had been turned on while they were out for the evening and now their house had a strong odor. Sergeant O’Neill responded along with the Fire Department.
  • A 911 caller reported seeing a fire/flame off in the distance towards the State Park. Multiple officers checked the area and reported that the flame was being vented/lit. Everything was all set.
  • Multiple officers attempted to go to a residence to speak with a caller who requested to speak with an officer regarding an incident involving her daughter at Northeastern. The party had been spoken to on the phone but officers were unable to contact her at her residence.
  • A caller reported that a wire was down and sparking on Ash Street. Officer Staback responded and stood by to divert traffic until the detail unit arrived. Eversource was on-scene.
  • A 911 caller reported a motor vehicle accident on Lumber Street. Multiple officers responded and a tow truck was requested for one vehicle. No personal injuries were reported.
  • A caller reported lost property. Officer Staback spoke to the reporting party and took a report.
  • A 911 caller reported a missing female in the State Park. Multiple officers responded and the Fire Department and a K-9 were requested. Phone pings were in progress and the party was located at her residence in Ashland.

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