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Hopkinton Police Incident Log for February 13, 2023

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Who let the dogs out? They’re everywhere this week!

February 6, 2023

  • Sergeant Burchard checked on a vandalism report on Constitutional Court. Broken doors were reported and a follow up was conducted.
  • Suspicious activity was reported on Downey Street. Sergeant Burchard reported a backpack in the bushes which was checked okay and was old luggage. The backpack was removed. 
  • A reporting party reported someone was parked in a handicap parking spot on Revolutionary Way. Officer Beloin issued a parking ticket.
  • A motor vehicle check was conducted by multiple officers on West Main Street. The officers checked and spoke with the vehicle owners.
  • Multiple officers conducted a motor vehicle check on West Elm Street. No one was in the vehicle and the car appeared to have a flat tire.

February 7, 2023

  • Illegal dumping was reported on Woodview Way. Multiple officers responded and spoke with the reported party.
  • A caller reported that while walking around the Sandy Beach area they came across a wandering dog. The dog had a collar with a name tag and phone number but the owner did not pick up. Officer Cifuentes attempted to call the number and was able to talk to the dog owner. 
  • Officer Diaz spoke with a party regarding an ongoing civil dispute with a tenant. Diaz advised the caller it is a civil issue and there is no police response needed at this time. 

February 8, 2023

  • Multiple officers assisted Holliston PD with blocking a roadway off due to a downed power line and brush fire. 
  • A walk-in reported identity theft. Multiple officers spoke with the reporting party and a report was taken.

February 9, 2023

  • A 911 caller reported a dog running in the roadway on College Street. Within a few minutes of the first phone call, the caller reported that the owner had possession of the dog. Officer Staback responded and checked the area but was unable to locate the reporting party or the dog’s owner. 
  • Officer Salentik reported a vehicle was parked in the roadway on West Elm Street. The officer spoke with the owner of the motor vehicle who reported that they would be moving off of the roadway.
  • A small dog was reported running down Wood Street.

February 10, 2023

  • A 911 caller reported that she thought she heard someone trying to get into her apartment on Davis Road. Multiple officers responded and checked the area. Nothing was found except for a neighbor walking her dog. 
  • Multiple officers responded to a call about an erratic driver on Cedar Street. The area was checked with a negative find.
  • A 911 caller reported damage to her storm door on Briarcliff Drive and thought she heard it being opened but did not see anyone in the vicinity. Multiple officers responded and took a report. 
  • A Louis Vuitton wallet was reported lost by its owner. The owner then stated that she found it in the back of the CVS parking lot.
  • A stray pitbull was found running down the road on I-495 N.
  • A calling party reported that three gentlemen were walking down Spring Street and toward Pond Street. Officer Normandin responded and spoke with the men who stated that they were on their way back from a hike. 
  • A caller reported that they actively saw a breaking and enter happening on their property as someone was witnessed exiting a window in their house on Summit Way. Multiple officers responded, along with Milford PD who had K-9 unit and Southborough PD to assist with the perimeter. A neighbor was checked with, who said that they did not see or hear anything.
  • An anonymous caller reported approximately 11 adolescents drinking and doing drugs at the pool tables in Constitutional Court. Millbury State Police, along with multiple Hopkinton PD officers responded. The youths were picked up by their parents.  
  • Officer Diaz checked on a group of kids playing basketball on Hayden Rowe Street late at night. The kids said that they would move along.

February 11, 2023

  • Officer LaTour spoke with a party regarding being charged for tolls on a previously reported stolen license plate. A report was taken.
  • A caller reported that utility workers accidentally ran over his mailbox and he had not heard from the company about repairs. Officer LaTour spoke with the party and made a phone call to the utility company. 
  • A Turnbridge Lane caller reported a lost dog in the area. The owner was reunited with the dog after the call.
  • A walk-in reported finding a lost Brazilian passport.
  • An anonymous caller reported a suspicious motor vehicle that had been parked on and off in a certain spot several times in the past month on Alexander Road. A description of the male was given. Officer Normandin responded and had a negative find on a gray Honda Accord in which the man was spotted in. Normandin did see a vehicle similar to the description and recorded the plate. 
  • A lost drone was found in a tree on the south side of Sandy Beach.
  • Multiple officers responded to a male yelling on West Main Street. The man was just on the phone.
  • Holliston PD requested help checking the area of the Connelly Hill and College Street area for suspicious people. They believed they had a B&E just over the line in their town. Multiple officers responded and checked the area with a negative find. 

February 12, 2023

  • Officer Grimley checked on a vehicle on Hayden Rowe Street. The vehicle’s owner was taking out the recycling from a previous event. 
  • Shoes were reported in the roadway on Cedar Street. Officer Grimley removed the shoes as no one was around. 
  • Officer Beloin reported a downed stop sign on Overlook Road.
  • Multiple officers assisted a disabled motor vehicle on Saddle Hill Road. 

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