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Hopkinton Police Incident Log for August 8, 2023

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Multiple issues due to construction on Hayden Rowe, chickens that do NOT cross the road and an unidentified black substance – this week was packed with reports.

July 31, 2023:

  • Manager reported suspicious activity on cameras.
  • Officer Staback assisted the fire department with a shed fire on Country Way.
  • A female party reported her vehicle missing. Officer McKeon responded and located vehicle. There were no further issues.
  • Officer Santoro reported to a civil dispute among a party and ex employee questioning whether the ex employee has company property.
  • Caller expresses concern for her neighbors dog who has been barking all night and day. Caller believes the dog was left unattended for a day. Owner states the dog had food and water. This is not the first report of the owner leaving this dog alone.
  • Officers Ekross and O’Neil respond to a 911 call reporting an erratic driver, driving on the wrong side of the road. Officers check and everything is okay. The party just arrived from India and were feeling jet lagged.

August 2, 2023

  • Officers Schofield and Wright check on a man walking to Milford. They assist with a courtesy transport.
  • A car reports low on gas. Officer Schofield checks in. The car will be going to Garrets in Milford to fill up tank.
  • Caller on Lumber Street requests more traffic enforcement in the area.
  • 911 caller reports low wires on the roadway. Officer Staback as well as Verizon assist the situation.
  • Caller states he damaged his car in the construction on Hayden Rowe and asks to speak with an Officer. Eversource is notified and reports to the repair. A gate box was coming out of the ground.
  • A driver on Hayden Rowe received a flat tire in the construction area.

August 3, 2023

  • Caller reports a civilian vehicle impersonating an officer to bypass traffic on Main Street. Caller provided a plate but it did not return any information. The incident was logged.
  • Caller received a text message asking if she was the owner of her property. The caller asked to speak to the individual who sent the message. The individual did not contact her. Officer Davis spoke with the people involved.
  • Officers LaTour and Normandin reported to a two car accident on School Street. There were no personal injuries.
  • Woman reports she stepped on a small black packet with a black substance in it. Officer O’Neil responded and checked that there was nothing suspicious.

August 4, 2023

  • Medway caller reports his tenant has not come home. Sometimes the tenant comes to town to go the range. Officer Saletnik responds and is unable to locate the vehicle or tenant. Medway PD was notified of the situation.
  • A women reports a car that followed her closely on her way home and then passed her. Caller made it home and incident was logged.
  • Officer McKeon responds to a 911 call of a two car accident on West Main Street. There were no personal injuries.
  • Caller reports a bird stuck in the grill of her car. The bird eventually escaped but may have a broken wing.
  • A women informs that her neighbor does not have a fence around her pool. She contacted town hall for building inspection.
  • Caller states a chicken is near the road on South Street. Officer McKeon checks on situation and the chicken runs into the woods.
  • Daughter calls to inform that her 93 year old mother woke up to someone knocking on her bedroom window around 12:30. The front door was left open but nothing appears to be out of the ordinary. Officer LaTour will follow up with the caller.
  • Caller reports someone was threatening her children on Revolutionary Way.

August 6, 2023

  • 911 caller reports someone is hitting golf balls into his property. Officer Normandin responds and talked to residents that were outside. They do not know where the golf balls were coming from.
  • Officer Grimley assists people locked on the inside of the state park.

August 7, 2023

  • Animal control assists a report of an owl stuck in a soccer net.
  • Caller reports a person on a bicycle at the end of their driveway that looks like they’re in need of assistance. Officers Santoro and Staback respond and think the bicyclist is dehydrated, but bicyclist refuses evaluation. They transport the man and the bike back to their residence.
  • Officer Santoro responds to a hit and run in a parking lot Main Street.
  • Walk in reports her dog was bitten by a neighbors dog on Friday. Animal control will be handling the incident.
  • Officers Beloin and LaTour respond to a two car accident on Grove Street. There were no personal injuries.
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