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Q. Copyright; what does it mean?
A. Simply put, the symbol asserts a right of ownership given to the author of a work. It is usually followed by the year of creation and the copyright owner's name.

Q. If it is on the internet, isn't it "public domain?"
A. No. It is owned by the author of the work, whether or not the work is accompanied by a © symbol. To be in the public domain, a photograph must be 75 years past the death of the author.

Q. The photo was not accompanied by the © symbol. Isn't it fair game?
A. No, it is not "fair game." If you are not the author of the photograph it isn't yours; nor is it yours to print, give away for Holiday presents, use for a calendar design, put on your website, or decorate a toaster cozy.

Q. I bought a copy. Isn't it mine to copy now?
A. No. The recording industry made that very clear when they sued Napster and a few grandmothers for copying and downloading songs. It is the same group of laws which protects photographers. The only difference is that photographers whose work is valuable are usually mom and pop operations, not giant conglomerations like the record industry, which can hire conglomerate law firms.

Q. But I am only copying it and printing it for my personal use.
A. That is what small-town photographers do. They create beautiful images for personal use. You have to pay. That vehicle is for your personal use, but you paid for that didn't you?

Q. But I love the photo. Can't I get a copy.
A. Call 508-435-5534 for a copy of any photo on HopNews, and please do it in a timely fashion.

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